Wednesday, February 29, 2012

two lovers.

I fear that a wedge has been driven between me and my first true love, Mr. Canon.

This new fly-by-night lover goes by the name of Instagram.

Mr. Canon is that guy you want to take home to mom and pop (a quality guy), but Instagram is the summer fling. He's convenient, easy, and provides instant gratification.
(not that I know anything about this analogy as it relates to REAL relationships!!!)

At any rate, I think we'll see how long this new relationship lasts. I think we all know the "good guy" wins in the end, but for now I'm enjoying this scandalous new lover.

Here's a bit of Sam during the month of February.

1. morning feeding
2. the entertainer
3. a winter hot tub swim
4. naptime
5. post bath free wheelin'
6. unloading dishwasher
7. teething bug
8. a day at the park
9. playing darts with Grandpa
10. lucy, his daytime pal
11. chalk chomping
12. piggy back rides

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Bodega Bay

(Sorry. We are STILL on the topic of Bodega Bay.)

I just want to start by saying that this picture below is one of my new favorites! I think it needs to take the place of my current BW enlargement in the play area. I just love how happy the kids look (even though they are clearly smiling/laughing at Troy who was behind me pulling funny stunts.)

Our trip to Bodega Bay is great in so many ways, but the main reason it's so wonderful is because we are all together with our distant siblings and cousins which doesn't happen that often.

Both years that we've been, we've totally lucked out with beautiful winter weather (meaning the sun was out MOST days).

Some of the highlights from this year were:

{hot tub swims, discovering hidden beach coves, napping in the sun, burying jack, sunsets}


On the last day everyone headed back home, but Troy and I decided to stay a few extra hours. It was heavenly. We were the ONLY people on the beach and the weather was perfect.


{Boogie boarding the dunes, crashing while boogie boarding the dunes, rolling down the dunes, forgetting my swimsuit and hot tubbing fully clothed, the boys braving the FREEZING waters for a surf, discovering the best clam chowder house!}


Hunter and his lashes are always picture-worthy.

When I think of Bodega Bay, I think of this very picture. Grasses, sand dunes, beach and a sunset.

{Finding caves, letting Sam crawl and eat sand, cousins, races, beached jelly fish, grandpa napping Sammy in his "kangaroo pouch", pictures of jumping off the dunes in cool poses}


Sunsets, sunsets, and more sunsets.

The bay at night.

For all the other memories, you can watch an 8 minute video HERE of our trip. I don't know why you would, but you can.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

bodega bay 2011

Right before Christmas, we went to Bodega Bay for a family reunion.

My parents rent this fantastic house and we eat and play for 4 straight days.

Every year we try to fit in some family photos.
I'll be honest, it is not everyone's favorite thing to do.
Remember two years ago when we all froze our hineys off in the 35 degree weather?

Well this year was better, but not by much. Still cold. Still windy, and MORE kids to finagle.

But when all is said and done, I am always happy that we did it.
I love having these pictures of the whole crew together.


Our kids are all doing their own thing.
(but might I point out that my chest has never looked bigger! Just sayin')

The 6 Grandkids.
(with one on the way...and many more to come...not from me!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

His name is not Jack anymore.

It is now Jack D.

Because in his Kindergarten class there is also:

Jack F. & Jack G.

When his classmates say his name it's almost as though it is supposed to be spelled....Jackdee.
I actually wonder if they know that his name is just JACK and not Jackdee?

He has even started referring to himself as Jackdee. The poor kid. Why did we pick a name that was embroidered on every stocking and bedroom pillowcase in the 2006 Pottery Barn catalogue?

Well, the answer to that is simply because we liked it. It is a strong name & well suited for his strong character.


Lately, I am so amazed by Jackdee. He is so grown up.

He takes the initiative to make his own snacks. (as pictured above)

While at home alone with Sam (for a few minutes while I ran Lucy to preschool up the street) he decided to go get the mail (a major NO-NO while home alone). I could just tell that the simple act of walking to the mailbox made him feel SO independent.

He does extra chores without being asked and encourages Lucy to complete hers.

He solves problems on his own whether it's searching for a tool to fix things, or developing a better system for how something is done.

His teacher reported that he is kind to everyone and loves to get a good laugh out of the class. (hmmm...who's kid could he be?)

I am just so proud of him. It is surreal to watch my kids grow up into little people, but I like the little person he's becoming.

way to be, jackdee!
(I couldn't resist a little poetry)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sand, Sea, Fire

What better way to put the cherry on top of a great vacation, than by spending a few days at the beach?

If there is one thing we really miss about So. Cal (besides some wonderful friends) it would definitely be long, sunny, sandy days at the beach!

Jack tried surfing for the first time on this trip. We're not talking a few practice runs in the foam or whitewash. We're talking straight out into the big boy waves (probably not more than 4 ft.). It was so fun to see Troy paddling out with Jack at the front of the board. It only took one good ride for Jack to be hooked. They even had a good crash and it didn't seem to phase Jack. I'm excited to see him progress into surfing solo. I may even get out next time. I've only been out once since I've become a mom. sad.


We made a stop by Jack's Surf Shop for some board wax, and of course had to pick up some more "Jack" paraphernalia for our Jack. Lucy adopted the trucker hat for her own.

Sam was surprisingly content crawling around and smashing his face into the mesh. That old trick never gets old. With some beach rocks and some sandy pirates booty, he stayed as happy as a clam.

Troy zipping up the later-to-be-stolen wetsuit.

The surfers heading out for the first time.

Lucy expressing her happiness to be at the beach. She seriously LOVED every bit of this vacation and has begged to go back everyday since we've been home!

Jack must have pulled Lucy on the boogie board for over a 1/2 hour. Back and forth, back and forth. He treats her so well (most of the time)!

Ahhh....the beach campfires!

Weinies never taste better than when they're roasted over the fire.
And marshmallows...don't even get me started! I could eat dozens and so can my kids.

Jack needs intense monitoring while by fires. A cage would actually be a suitable way for him to view a fire. He would honestly hop inside the ring if he could. We caught him several times trying to turn over logs with a short stick, or sneaking squirts of lighter fluid. He LOVES fire and it was hard to drag him away each night!

I love this picture of Jack gathering "firewood" aka seaweed and beach trash.

We will definitely be doing this more often!

Play along.

Let's play that game 2 truths and a lie.

Except for, instead of a lie, how about I just tell you 3 truths about our vacation?

Truth #1:
I may have put powdered laundry soap into the dishwasher instead of powdered dishwasher detergent and nearly flooded the kitchen of our hotel apartment. It only took about 8 beach towels to sop it all up, and 3 more runs of the dishwasher to keep it from FOAMING to the ceiling.

Truth #2:
Given the trusting folks that we are, Troy placed his and Jack's wetsuit on top of the van to dry overnight in the parking garage. When we woke up, someone decided they liked the fit of Troy's wetsuit. It was gone. I hope they know he pees in that.

Truth #3:
Sam struggled with a gnarly cold the entire vacation. So one night while we were all cooking around the campfire, I decided to wrap him up tight and take him for a walk up and down a 1/2 mile stretch of the the pitch blackness of the night. When I returned with my now sleeping babe we began packing up to go home and realized the keys were lost. They were in my pocket and now gone...somewhere along the shoreline of the beach in the blackest black of night. So with only a cell phone for light we began our search for my dinky keys in a vast beach of sand! By nothing short of a miracle (yes, I was praying) we found the keys (just before some of the most epic meltdowns) and made it back to the hotel. Phew.

Here is a picture of the kids eating their disgusting to us, but delicious to them bubble gum ice cream.