Wednesday, February 29, 2012

two lovers.

I fear that a wedge has been driven between me and my first true love, Mr. Canon.

This new fly-by-night lover goes by the name of Instagram.

Mr. Canon is that guy you want to take home to mom and pop (a quality guy), but Instagram is the summer fling. He's convenient, easy, and provides instant gratification.
(not that I know anything about this analogy as it relates to REAL relationships!!!)

At any rate, I think we'll see how long this new relationship lasts. I think we all know the "good guy" wins in the end, but for now I'm enjoying this scandalous new lover.

Here's a bit of Sam during the month of February.

1. morning feeding
2. the entertainer
3. a winter hot tub swim
4. naptime
5. post bath free wheelin'
6. unloading dishwasher
7. teething bug
8. a day at the park
9. playing darts with Grandpa
10. lucy, his daytime pal
11. chalk chomping
12. piggy back rides

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