Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm going to sit here, look at this picture and try to pretend like today never happened.'s so peaceful & serene.

Absolutely nothing like our day.

(sammy - 2 weeks)

From start to finish, there was a lot (A LOT) of crying.

You know the kind that makes your intestines twist?
The kind that elevates your stress from a 1 to 3000 in seconds?

Then, there were two other culprits in the equation.

Lately, they seem to find joy in doing the exact opposite of what I ask.
Or joy in doing something they KNOW will tick me off.
(and together they are a good team with plenty of time to attack their strategy)

Like when I woke up to trail mix purposely thrown all around the house. I'm sure I'll be finding nuts, raisins, and M&M's hidden in the carpet well into next year.

Or like when I was breastfeeding and heard them playing so nicely in their room. Only to discover they were pouring cups of water into our fun, battery operated ball popper game.

Or when taking a bath they decided to dump an entire bottle of shampoo into the tub, making towering bubbles that were overflowing!

So where was I this entire time, you ask?
Tending to that crying baby, of course.
And the pooping baby.
And the very HUNGRY baby.

Now don't get me wrong.
I love my baby. And I love Jack and Lucy!

But today just wasn't the best.
Tomorrow will be, right?

(I'm going to spare the details of how also on this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day I decided that getting out of the house and going to the mall to find post-pregnacy jeans would somehow be a good solution to our at-home madness. The mall is never a good idea. Never.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is how we all feel about dad going back to work on Monday!



Saturday, May 7, 2011


early morning play session with sam - 3 days old


Observations after Week 1:

Sam LOVES to sleep...during the day!
sucks on his fingers or fist for comfort
has taken to the swing and bouncer during the day
Likes to be warm
Looks a lot like Jack did as a baby, with a different nose
eyes are bloodshot from delivery
has a distinct furrowed brow
loves to nurse (or "milk" as Jack calls it), but takes 10 minutes before deciding to latch on
doesn't crawl...much to jack's dismay
doesn't eat fruit snacks, cotton candy ice cream, or PB crackers
(all of which have been offered to him and quickly denied by mom)
has a sizeable head and shoulders, and a teeny-weenie bum and legs
lost umbilical cord
didn't love bathtime
loves laying next to, or on top of someone

Seems to be PERFECT in every way.
(I think we'll keep him!)

Jack BEAMING with pride lying next to his new brother!

Lucy (the lion) helping Sam with his binky

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

living in harmony

Ever since lucy and jack became roommates, I've been perplexed as to how to make a co-ed room for the two of them.

Their room was a mish-mosh of furniture.

Jack's old red dresser.
New bunkbeds that were up, then down, then up, then down.
(bunkbeds are just a pain, aren't they? Especially when your kids decide to revert back to peeing the bed nightly.)
Horrible toy storage.
Unorganized joint closet.

You get the picture.

Then right before Sam came, my mom took the kids one day and I decided to tackle the mess.
I saw some simple striped sheets at Target and a cheap comforter to match. Perfect.
Then we moved some existing furniture around and found that it fit in the room like a glove.
Then we organized and (lightly) accessorized and....


The result is a room that I actually like to be in.

And I don't have to make beds.
And I don't have to swear every time I get up on the top bunk to change a sheet.

Lucy's Side of the Room


Left - Free printable from HERE
Right - My copycat imitation of THIS girl's work

Jack's Side of the Room

Story-time Corner