Wednesday, April 21, 2010

law abiding runner

On Friday I'll be running another Ragnar Relay.

I'd like to stay out legal trouble this time.
And by legal trouble I mean breaking the speed limit.

It's hard when you run as fast as I do. real hard.

Wish me luck.

(photo credit: Marsha Lueck)

Monday, April 19, 2010

TWO has arrived

Two has definitely arrived at our house.

It's almost magic how it happens.
All is well. All is calm, then all of a sudden they turn two and they want everyone to know!

Lucy is making her 2 year-old statement by:

getting into things (make-up, lotion, shampoo, powder, etc)
pouting every chance she gets
insisting upon doing EVERYTHING by herself
Hitting us when she's ticked
Telling us to "go away" and "stop it"
bugging her brother and then playing the martyr roll
stubbornly ignoring us when we count to 3
perfecting the scowl

Good news is, we still love her! Crazy how that happens.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Bonanza

Sometimes I complain about living in this hot, not very pretty, kinda sketchy part of the state. But for the most part, I am VERY happy with our community - especially around the holidays.

Each year our community does something fun for the kids on Easter and Christmas.

Something entertaining that:
A.) I don't have to prepare
B.) It's free-ish (minus assoc. fees)

Here's Jack hunting for his fair share of eggs.
I think they need to change the name from "Easter Egg Hunt" to "Easter Egg With-your-eyes-wide-open-you-can-see-300-eggs". Not much hunting involved.

The kids with their loot.
I was very proud of them getting plenty of eggs to share with mommy until I opened them up and discovered to save costs this year they, the hunt authorities, must have sent away to India for this year's candy assortment. Not one piece I had ever seen in my life!

Easter bunny this year went with the color-coordinated theme.
Dad was very upset he did not have an ORANGE basket filled to the brim with Peanut Butter Eggs, I assume?!!?

(PS - we totally bought our kids 2 See's candy boxed assortments and ate them both before Easter. We are such loser Easter Bunnies. But really, do kids need See's candy anyway?)
Love this picture of Christ they both got for their rooms.
It's old school Mormon artwork that is very nostalgic for Troy and me.

The Easter Dinner Table
Our good friends, The Southwells, joined us for Sunday dinner. We shared the responsibilities and ended up with this menu that included exorbitant amounts of CREAM/BUTTER in most recipes:

Scalloped Potatoes
Broccoli Gratin
Frog eye Salad
Homemade Rolls
Coconut Cake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Don't let the beauty of this cake fool you. I tried Ina Garten's recipe, but made a few bad alterations and ended up with a cake texture like sawdust. Great flavor, but it literally crumbled in your mouth. You should try the real recipe and let me know if it turns out. I will try it again the right way.

Hope your Easter was great.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i love to see the temple

Last week I went to SLC, Utah for approximately 24 hours.

Every year around this time, there is a training for all the leadership in our church. Basically, the big wigs of our church train the leaders from around the world (who can get to SLC ) on how to do our job (though "job" implies money and we don't get paid) better.

So, off we went. We, as in me & the 3 awesome women I get to work with!

We drove through the night.
Talked non-stop.
Stopped in St. George for a Cafe Rio run.
Talked some more.
Attempted/pretended to conduct a presidency meeting in the car.
Scrapped that idea and kept talking.
Arrived at our awesome accomodations in Springville, UT around 1:30 am.
Continued to talk
Someone clogged a toilet. (and was super, super embarrassed.)
Awoke at 7.
Tried to unclog toilet.
Talked some more.
Drove to SLC.

I love Salt Lake! Though I was a little bitter that SLC welcomed us with a dust and wind storm.
Nonetheless, Salt Lake is a beautiful, clean city.

Of course the LDS temple is a highlight. I can't look at that temple without thinking about those who sacrificed so much to construct it. It is hard to believe by looking at the intricate details that it was built in the 1800's.

Our training meeting was wonderful beyond words. We listened (from the very front row) to the 3 amazing women who oversee all the Young Women ages 12-18 for our worldwide church. They are so inspired. Their love and concern for these young women everywhere is almost tangible. It was an honor to be in their presence. I learned so much, but mostly about myself and how I want to become a better, more virtuous, kind person.

This is us after many, many attempts at getting a picture. We all look amazing!

Here was another attempt. From left to right: Paige, Janna, Shelley aka hairball, Ali - huge face
The wind was blowing SOOO hard. Good thing Paige is pregnant, because one pound skinnier and she would have certainly blown away.

The best part of this trip was getting to know these women better. We left CA as acquaintances and came home as friends.

I am already planning for roadtrip 2011!