Saturday, June 23, 2007

Watch out Sacramento

My little bro gets married next week, so we will be off to Sacramento. I am so excited for my family to see Jack again. He has grown up so much! Plus my brother, Garrett, has never even met him! All I can say is fasten your seatbelts! This kid is into everything. Stairs, pantries, cupboards, and squeezing through tight spaces rank among his favorite activities.

On my way to destruction....

Lens lovin...

I bought a new camera lens on Friday (you know which one, wendy). My neighbor was nice enough to humor me and come over with her newborn so that I would have an exciting subject to practice on. Out of 150 pictures, I managed to find a handful that I liked. They would probably be much cooler if I had Photoshop, but I am still waiting on that one. By the way, this little bambinos name is David.

dormant no longer..

For those of you who have ever clicked on my link to "Cannons" may have noticed that their blog is more of an art form filled with fun pics, but never changing. Well folks, that is all about to change! Amy has decided to join back in on the fun. So, check it out!

(This picture was taken at Laguna Beach when Amy, Chad & Finley decided to come back to their old stomping grounds for a visit. We miss you guys!)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We went to the beach, yet again! Once on Saturday and on Monday for family night with some friends. I am loving Jack's reaction to the water. He charges full speed ahead to get a first hand feel of the water rushing up the shore. If I was not there to stop him, I am sure he would continue onward. He loves the feel of the sand and kicks his feet with approval. Many beach days ahead for this kid!

I love the picture on the top because it looks like he is chasing after the bikini chick. slow down, tiger!

booty call...


This 4oz bag of air-puffed cheesy deliciousness is responsible for my demise today. Every time I go to Trader Joe's, I tell myself that Jack needs a bag of this yummy puffed corn because it is dissolves quickly in his mouth posing little to no risk of choking. However, what really happens is that we finish our shopping, get into the car, and I immediately start in on the bag of Pirates Booty. By the time we get home, half the bag is gone! Then throughout the day I revisit the bag until it is completely polished off. (Just for good graces, I usually set aside a handful for Jack just so I don't feel too guilty.)

As long as we are on the topic of food from Trader Joes, I thought I would list a few of my favorite items for my friends that wonder what the heck I buy there because I used to wonder the same thing. If you have a favorite item, please share.


* This black bean dip with tortilla chips!

* TJ's brand Light string cheese (firm and salty...mmm)
* Dried unsweetened mangoes
* Marcona Almonds (expensive!)
* Brown rice (in microwave easy)
* Carrot cake
* Pineapple salsa (cook chicken in it, wrap in corn tortilla with fresh avocados...oh mamma!)
* Red Thai Curry sauce (thanks Fawn!)
* Butternut squash
* Sweet tomatoes
* Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup
* Korean Bul-go-gi? (BBQ beef)

and....This marinade.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Moms and Kids Unite

I was browsing the internet for preschool songs and I came across Elizabeth Mitchell. For all you moms who are tired of driving around the family wagon with the Wiggles blaring in your ear, this is a soothing alternative. Her music is gorgeous, mellow, folky, and moody. I LOVE it! Granted, there is a time and a place for The Wheels on the Bus, but this is really something everyone can enjoy.

HAIR...and a blip about father's day.

we had a wonderful day yesterday. slept in. hung around the house. worshiped troy on his big day. well, not really. and thank you kelly...we had a delicious sunday dinner. it was nice. I am lucky to have a great dad of my own, and a wonderful husband who is so involved with jack.

now, onto something completely insignificant. My hair. For those of you who don't know (and most likely don't care), after I had Jack I was in dire need of a hair cut and color. So somewhere in my impulsive rationale I thought I would head down to the Menifee Family Hair Center. Yes, that is the real name. it is in a strip mall next to a chinese restaurant and Fashion Bug. oh boy. anyway, the girl ended up frying my hair to the point of it falling apart like cotton candy. I had no choice but to go dark for a while until the wounds could heal. Now after about 9 months of being all shades of brown, I am ready to bring back the blonde. if whitney, my hairdresser cousin, is reading this then I NEED some advice! everyone says to take it slow, but it makes no sense to me. why would i GRADUALLY damage my hair. wouldn't it be better to just do it all at once, then just get a root touch up? you can see my dilemma. advice is welcome. please refer to exibit A & B.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lots to see when LaWanna comes to town...

Yesterday we went on a little excursion with Troy's mom that started out in the fashion district of LA. What an experience! It is not as glamorous as it sounds...most of the stuff there is JUNK. Although, every once in awhile you can find some real gems. (Not that I know, since I am fashionably challenged) We managed to pick up some sweet retro addidas kicks for Jack, some beaded necklaces for the Young Women, and those super huge plastic beach bags.

There were lots of shoe shops filled with ugly shoes. BUT...if you ever need fabric, it is worth the trip to the neighboring fabric district! I will go back with a project in mind.

We enjoyed sitting on the beach in Malibu watching the surfers. Troy wanted to check out this longboarding spot with a great right wave. It WAS great, too! We will have to go back sometime to ride it! I was hoping to run into Jennifer Aniston or someone famous, but no such luck. Here is Jack with his Grandma LaWanna.

We topped off the night at the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. After eating at CPK, we walked the promenade watching all the street performers along the way. The break dancers were amazing!

When we finally walked in the door at 11 p.m., Jack threw up all over the front porch. It was so sad, but he turned out to be fine. I think I fed him too many limes at dinner time. (his 'sour' face was too hard to resist)

Summertime Art

Troy and I dig this guy's art. It reminds us of our days living in Dana Point, CA. Oh how we took for granted a sunset walk to the beach, or an early Saturday morning surf. There is something magical about the beach. The smell. The sounds. The people. The feeling of freedom just laying in the sand soaking up the suns' rays. Man. Having a house is nice, but summertime in Romoland is just not the same.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh, What a Weekend!

You know how the old adage goes (or the one I am making up right now)..."Friends are great, but friends with a boat are even better!" Well our friends, the Jackman's, have a boat. Lucky us! They invited us to accompany them to Lake Mead for the weekend. We had a blast. And just so everyone knows, we are not using them for their is part of their annual friendship dues.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I am willing to divulge some events from the weekend:

Wheeee! Troy and Darin having a GAY ole time! No foul play boys!

Arrrrg. The googly-eyed swamp monster emerging. She looks a little constipated, I mean concentrated.

This was just the precursor to a heated mud wrestling match.

Here is Heidi after I pulled my head-lock leg flipback move on her.

The Jackman cavemen

Hey dad, did we write this annual boating trip into the Jackman's friendship contract?


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

it's confirmed!

I am an internet addict. I have had slurred speech and the nervous jitters for 6 days now because I have been without the internet. Finally, after 7 phone calls and 2 hours on hold, my internet company decided to show up 5 hours past their projected time of arrival to come to my rescue! So, I'm back.

Blogs will be a flowin'. stay tuned.