Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh, What a Weekend!

You know how the old adage goes (or the one I am making up right now)..."Friends are great, but friends with a boat are even better!" Well our friends, the Jackman's, have a boat. Lucky us! They invited us to accompany them to Lake Mead for the weekend. We had a blast. And just so everyone knows, we are not using them for their is part of their annual friendship dues.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I am willing to divulge some events from the weekend:

Wheeee! Troy and Darin having a GAY ole time! No foul play boys!

Arrrrg. The googly-eyed swamp monster emerging. She looks a little constipated, I mean concentrated.

This was just the precursor to a heated mud wrestling match.

Here is Heidi after I pulled my head-lock leg flipback move on her.

The Jackman cavemen

Hey dad, did we write this annual boating trip into the Jackman's friendship contract?



Sebs Mom said...

Your pictures are awesome. Hey, who needs a spa day when you can get your own mud bath at the lake?!

Heidi said...

I'd like about $60 more dollars for the month, than we can call it even.

Heidi said...

we had such a great time, when is the next trip? thanks for going with us, and for being great friends!! love you guys! bff's

Heather said...

Ali, you crack me up. Your blog makes me laugh all day long. I love the sea monster. I know the feeling! Wuv, Heather Williams