Thursday, May 28, 2009

welcome home, daddy!

we play
we fight
we clean
we bathe
we make messes
we create
we destroy
we eat
we say "hi" over the phone
we have accidents
we laugh
we cry
we nap


nothing is really complete until 5:45 pm when we see dad drive up the street honking and we run up the driveway next to his car to greet him.

Welcome home, Daddy!
This is when our day begins.

Monday, May 25, 2009

a mellow soul

I love these pictures of lucy. To me, they really illustrate the kind of gal she is. 

easy going. 
content to be alone. 

(with an occasional growl here and there)

Thanks Ryan S. for capturing these moments!

These were all taken while 5 other wild kids ran free. Lucy just sat in the wheat and watched.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What do HOUSEGUESTS and FISH have in common?

They both STINK after 3 days!

Oh, but contraire mon frair....

not these houseguests. Our houseguests were more like a fine wine or a delicate cheese. They just got better with time (a month, to be exact)!

In fact, I already miss them so much!

Now, you housewives might understand this. The days of a mom with youngins can sometimes be long and lonesome. I usually pepper my days with a phone call here or there...OK...let's be phone battery is usually dead by the end of the day because a girl needs some adult conversation every now and again to keep her ticking? Am I right?

My brother, his wife and their little 18 month-old cutie, Carter, came to stay with us while my brother did a short podiatry internship in Orange County. I got to spend the days with my sister-in-law, Mindy, who I am now further convinced is one of the nicest, most laid-back people I have ever met. It was a joy to have a 24/7 friend around! I can usually only fenagle my other friends to hang out with me in small 20 minute increments, but I had this one trapped!

It was so fun and I already miss them. Plus, she did dishes...a LOT of them!

Thanks so much guys for not being stinky guests!

Here are a few trip highlights:

Photo Shoot #1

Click to see more pictures over here....

Photo Shoot #2


My parents came down one weekend too.  We loved sharing the Disneyland experience with them.  My dad wasn't expecting to love it as much as he did.  I'll bet the next time he goes, he'll be wearing a pin trading lapel.  mark my words....


Jack's first surf with Dad!  My mom teared up!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dat be fun?

Daily plea:

Hey mom.
I got an idea.
Yets go swing on the twee!
(or pway at da pawk)
(OR swim at da pool)

Dat be fun?

yes son.  dat will be weally fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

missing in action

No, I'm not dead. I did not fall off the face of the earth.

I've just had a really fun, busy month.

It all started with a weekend away. No kids, no hubby....just me, a box of see's candy, a good supply of reading material, a plane flight to Utah and a great group of girls.

For years I had been trying to figure out how to be part of the Jibson sisterhood. Refer to this. My chances of marrying into the family were shot years ago.

Exibit A - me with a Jibson man.

I've thought of sneaking into luggage bags just so I could go HERE with them. But once women are not known for their agility and flexibility.

So, I just invited myself on their next getaway and it worked. We had a great 4 days together doing a lot of THIS and some of THIS.

Some of the highlights of my trip included:

*Seeing old friends. Especially one of my besties of all time! We named Lucy's middle name after her because she's just about the most caring, funny, Christlike, creative and loyal person I know. And everytime I'm with her, she doesn't disappoint. And did I mention that her 3 year old can do a mean 3-point turnaround in an SUV? Thanks Jayner!

Plus these girls! We had enough college memories to chat for hours that proved to be a mean form of torture for the outsiders along for the ride. It is so good to know that after marriages, kids and living in different states for years, that we can still pick up right where we left off! How bout a reunion ladies with the original 6?

* Eating at Cafe Rio - twice in one day!

* Staying up late having girl talk! Turns out I get a little delirious after 1 am and start throwing out some seriously creepy compliments. Sheena...I really do love the way your lips glide over your teeth in a SOOOooo non-lesbian way. I promise.

* Singing beautiful songs with huge masses of women. Come to find out, I can't control my emotions in this situation.

* Getting the "nerdy chills" walking up to BYU campus with masses of jumper-clad middle-aged women with lots of Bumpit hairdos.

* Staying in Sheena's adorable house and waking up every morning to my new favorite - Bumble and Brown Strawberry yogurt butter spread. Oh yum!

* Having Kasey point out my glowing mustache numerous times, then introducing me to the worlds coolest invention. Is it still considered shaving if I'm using this? no hard feelings kasey...

* Eating, eating and more eating!

and finally...

Coming home to a great family and some awesome HOUSEGUESTS!

I'll tell you more about them tomorrow.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Perhaps you can relate to this, this or this.

Kisses to all my momma friends and to my own magnificent momma!