Monday, April 25, 2011

good change

I remember my feelings before having lucy.
I was through-the-moon excited to meet her, yet so sad to experience a change in our family.

For so long, Jack was all we knew.
I was worried about how a new baby would affect him.

The first night home with lucy, I snuck into his bedroom and cried as he slept.
(I'm sure pregnancy hormones were partially to blame)
I held him and tried to promise not to forget our special times together.

But the truth is, lucy didn't change our special family of three.
She just made it better.

(Jack, Lucy & Daddy - Easter Sunday - April 24th - 4 days before brother's due date)

So last night when I looked down the hall at dad and the kids reading bedtime stories, I froze that moment in time.
Just us...a family of FOUR.

But this time around, I know better than to be sad.
I am so excited for baby brother to join us.
I know he will only make it better!

Easter '11

An Easter picture is hard to get when your kids can't stop eating candy for ONE second!


Because I am waddling worse than an Easter chick, I don't have many pictures from our Easter day events. We enjoyed a beautiful meal at the Water's home with Grandma and Grandpa. Then topped it off with a grand egg hunt. Jack was extremely focused on finding EVERY egg. Lucy was more concerned with the candy inside the eggs, exclaiming after each one..."This is just what I wanted!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pageant mom

Her ballet teacher gave specific instructions:

Slick back hair into a bun.
(or in Lucy's the best you can with what you've got)
Place flower on right side of head.
Wear capezio soft pink tights.
No underwear.
(we wouldn't want to see unsightly lines)

And of course....

Apply blush, mascara and lip color so they don't look washed out under the lights.

I was skeptical at first.
I didn't want to feel like a pageant mom.
But then I took one look at her under those lights and up on that stage....
and I said
Sign me up!

Can you blame me?



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(picture compliments of my 10 year old niece)


Can't wait to ditch the chineck. That's short for a chin and a neck that have joined forces.
Can wait for the post-pregnancy muffin top!

Can't wait to end the painful hip side sleep-with-a-pillow between the legs routine.
Won't wait to start slumbering on my stomach....ahhhhh!

Can't wait to hold and cuddle my new bundle.
Can wait for the 12 am, 2am, 4am, 6am nursing times.

Can't wait to have a family of 5!
Can wait to have a family of 5! (is this contradictory?)

Can't wait for some of my gnarly veins to tame down.
Can wait for the summer realization that most of my gnarly veins are still there and shorts are a no-go!

Can't wait for the disappearance of this heavy belly to relieve some major hip pain.
Can wait for the stretch mark reveal. (made it through 2 pregnancies without em, but now I see 2)

Can't wait to see Jack and Lucy love on their new brother.
Can wait for constant reminders to stop poking, prodding, shaking, carrying, and waking up their new brother!

Can't wait to share special hospital/birthing moments with my honey.
Can wait for the not-so-pleasant post-birth hospital moments. ugh!

I'd better be off to pack some bags. We're kinda last minute around here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

4 going on 15...

What is it about a new haircut that makes a little boy age a few years?

I couldn't help looking at Jack through my lens tonight and wondering when he got to be SOOOO big and old!


Is it his new-found friendship with the 7 year old neighbor that has aged him?

Is it the fact that he can negotiate his way into or out of any situation?

Is it his latest desire to bear his testimony in church so that he can tell everyone that "he knows heavenly father is powerful"?

Or maybe it's his sense of humor and great wit that I genuinely find hilarious?

It could be the way he looks out for Lucy and coaches her on what choices to make that would be good.


Whatever it is...I don't think I like it.
He's growing up too fast!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

signs of spring

Two definite signs that
SPRING has sprung:

1. The hose has joined us in sunshiney outside play!


2. Naptime has been replaced by catnaps on-the-fly.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

date night

Jack and Dad went on a scooter date.
Rumor has it that the date ended in scooter rides down the boat launch into the lake.

My date with Lucy ended with a McDonald's strawberry shake.
Much better refreshment, in my opinion, than riding into an icy cold lake!

We also enjoyed a trail hike and spring wildflower collection. I loved Lucy's choice of headwear. She found this hat out of the baby boy clothes we've been sorting, and insisted on wearing it.

She caught a grasshopper and climbed a few trees.
It was a good date, indeed.






Mom...I'll be outside

We bought him a bike when he was 2.

He wasn't interested.

In fact, it wasn't until this last year that he started developing any interest in rideable toys at all.

Now, it's all he can think about. He's got a one track mind for his scooter and bigwheel.
(but still no interest in a two-wheeled bike)

Our day usually goes something like this...

6:30 am - "Can we ride scooters today?"
7:30 am - "I finished my breakfast, brushed my teeth, and put my shoes on. NOW can
we go outside?"
8 am - "Come oooonnnnnn, mommmmm!"
8:15 am - I hear garage door open and he's already out there cruising around.

I LOVE that he is passionate about this! It is so evident in his entire being that he is JOYOUS when he is out there riding.

Only problem is that the only place we have to ride is in our cul-de-sac in the front yard.
(which means I need to be there to supervise)

And the cul-de-sac we live on is down a big hill of which he has NO fear barreling down at full speeds.
(which means I REALLY need to be out there)

And sometimes I just want, no NEED, to do laundry, dishes, vacuuming, getting ready for baby, dusting, organizing, etc.
(which means that sometimes I really don't want to be out there)

But then I remember that these moments are fleeting. And really, laundry can wait. And so can the dishes.

Because truly, the happiness he gets from being outside riding is more reward for me than any other!



* the bigwheel is best suited for riding down really steep driveways
*the scooter will provide the smoothest ride down the cul-de-sac
*the bigwheel is capable of some really SWEET spinout turns that make the rider look extra cool.
*the riding pose on the scooter is very laid-back, nonchalant looking that impresses the 8 year old neighborhood boys.
*the bigwheel seat leaves some pretty nasty bruises, but the scooter can crash and burn on bumps or rocks in the road leaving some gnarly knee scrapes to contend with.