Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(picture compliments of my 10 year old niece)


Can't wait to ditch the chineck. That's short for a chin and a neck that have joined forces.
Can wait for the post-pregnancy muffin top!

Can't wait to end the painful hip side sleep-with-a-pillow between the legs routine.
Won't wait to start slumbering on my stomach....ahhhhh!

Can't wait to hold and cuddle my new bundle.
Can wait for the 12 am, 2am, 4am, 6am nursing times.

Can't wait to have a family of 5!
Can wait to have a family of 5! (is this contradictory?)

Can't wait for some of my gnarly veins to tame down.
Can wait for the summer realization that most of my gnarly veins are still there and shorts are a no-go!

Can't wait for the disappearance of this heavy belly to relieve some major hip pain.
Can wait for the stretch mark reveal. (made it through 2 pregnancies without em, but now I see 2)

Can't wait to see Jack and Lucy love on their new brother.
Can wait for constant reminders to stop poking, prodding, shaking, carrying, and waking up their new brother!

Can't wait to share special hospital/birthing moments with my honey.
Can wait for the not-so-pleasant post-birth hospital moments. ugh!

I'd better be off to pack some bags. We're kinda last minute around here.


Lori said...

Look how cute you are!! I'm so excited for you. Went to Cafe Rio is past weekend and thought about you! :)

Marsha Lueck said...

Oh Ali.. I love it! You look great and I am so excited for you to have your new bundle! I am excited for you not to be prego. I still have a bliss of 6 weeks and ohh how I am already wishing for all the things you have listed, the good and the ugly of ending pregnancy!
Good luck with everything, Lots of love sent your way! You're AMAZING!!!

HeatherM said...

love the shirt, love the whole out-fit, love the hair! you look great!

it all comes do matter what you do so enjoy!

HeatherM said...

oh yes you should know when i saw the title i thought what, who is 39? troy's not 39 yet. i know ali's not 39! who who could be 39 years old!

Amy said...

Counting the days!

tara said...

39 Weeks looks so good on you Ali! Having a brand new little baby is my favorite piece of Heaven on earth. There is nothing like it and it all vanishes too quickly! Enjoy!

The Close's Place said...

You look great Ali. Your niece has a future in photography. Love the post. Opposition in all things right?
Good luck!

merideth said...

ali you look fabulous!! can't wait to see the new bundle.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

What chineck?! You are crazy and look great, I can look back at photos that include only my face and I can tell if I was pregnant or not, even my nose got fat (and probably my ears, too.) :)

forget laundry said...

you are a really pretty pregnant lady. I can't wait for you! good luck- I will be anxiously waiting for your beautiful pictures of your new bundle. oh it's so fun and exciting!

The Nethercotts said...

you look beautiful! Im so excited for you Ali! I cant believe this is your last week! Woohoo! I cant wait to meet him!

fawn said...

i think you look beautiful! seriously... SO GORGEOUS!!! loving your hair!