Monday, April 11, 2011

4 going on 15...

What is it about a new haircut that makes a little boy age a few years?

I couldn't help looking at Jack through my lens tonight and wondering when he got to be SOOOO big and old!


Is it his new-found friendship with the 7 year old neighbor that has aged him?

Is it the fact that he can negotiate his way into or out of any situation?

Is it his latest desire to bear his testimony in church so that he can tell everyone that "he knows heavenly father is powerful"?

Or maybe it's his sense of humor and great wit that I genuinely find hilarious?

It could be the way he looks out for Lucy and coaches her on what choices to make that would be good.


Whatever it is...I don't think I like it.
He's growing up too fast!



HeatherM said...

what a great post! i love the way you put things. most of what comes out of my mouth doesn't sound the way it did when it was in my head, ooh well what can you do? you are right, he does look old for his age. makenzie is almost 7 & they look the same age to me. sorry momma

heidi said...

Oh wow, he is not only growing up so fast but holy crap is he one cute kid!! Love Jack and his great personality! Great post, I miss you all so much!

Plain Jane said...

oh man, he is a cutie and so grown up. : ) im holding back my desire to tell you how soon he will be 19. oops. xoxo

Amy said...

Oh how I am jealous on many levels. Look at all that green! Warm weather, shots, sprinklers and wildflowers. Where do you live California or something. Man it's cool there. PS love those pics of Lucy by the trees. Jealous of your skills too!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Such a cute post of Jack, I especially love the last picture of his haircut. Enjoy every minute because the years fly by!!