Monday, June 28, 2010

beach love

When Troy and I were first married, we had a choice to move to Northern California or Southern California after college. We chose Southern California to experience a bit of an adventure.

We started out in Aliso Viejo, CA. Every Monday night we'd get together with friends and head down to the beach. Main Beach in Laguna. Each would pitch in some snacks and come ready with boogie boards and bocce ball. It was bliss!

A couple years later, we moved to Dana Point, CA. We rented an apartment from my Grandpa. It was a 1/2 mile from Doheney State Beach. We'd walk there in the evenings and paddle out together on our surfboards and play until the sun went down. I'm positive there's no cooler feeling that being in the water at sunset.

Now we have kids and love to share the beach experience with them. Though we are an hour away, each drive feels so worth it. I now love to share with them things I remember from my childhood.

It's pretty routine that Troy digs a huge hole and fills it with water. I am the designated sand crab scavenger. (have you ever seen a sand crab?) Lately, the kids are loving being pulled on the boogie board and whipped around in every direction. Mostly I just love how we can go for 5 hours and be completely entertained the entire time!

I am trying to soak in every moment we have here!


She can be one tough egg to crack. I guess she IS two, and kinda stubborn.

But man I love this little girl!

She is so easy to have around. I admire her independent spirit because it's a trait I don't possess. She is loving. She is shy, but more observant than I give her credit for. She loves her brother even though sometimes "he bugging me". She totally has opinions. She insisted upon cramming her feet into her too-small-shoes for church yesterday. I had to remind Troy that sometimes in a girl's life it's Fashion over Function. She is a skilled climber...much better than her brother. She's potty trained. She can shake her "money maker" like nobody's business!
She still loves her dolls, and naps, and binkies. She eats everything in sight.

She's our one-of-a-kind Beanie Girl!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the livin' is easy


Really...I don't think I could ever live anywhere too cold because I just love sunny weather!

We've been basking in these early summer days.

Dining outside.
running around naked (kids only).
corn on the cob.
beach days.
laying on the warm concrete.
enjoying the breeze through the screen door.
playing outside til sundown.
late bedtimes.

and it's only JUST BEGUN!

....and it was THIS big!!!!

Lately, we've been doing a lot of fishing.

We haven't had much luck with anything other than small bluegills, but the kids love it.
All we have to do is bait the pole, drop it in, and within seconds we get a bite!

Looks delicious!


My life has been bliss this week!

My nephew, Spencer, is visiting and helping out with the kids.

I never knew a 12 year old boy could be so helpful.

I went to the dentist the other day and came home to a clean, vacuumed downstairs, laundry in the wash, the kids fed and down for a nap, and the porch swept.

He has restored my faith in teenage boys!

But most of all, my kids ADORE him!
Yesterday he dressed up in costume and had them entranced with his imagination.

Thanks Spencer! We'll miss you when we have to send you home!