Monday, June 28, 2010


She can be one tough egg to crack. I guess she IS two, and kinda stubborn.

But man I love this little girl!

She is so easy to have around. I admire her independent spirit because it's a trait I don't possess. She is loving. She is shy, but more observant than I give her credit for. She loves her brother even though sometimes "he bugging me". She totally has opinions. She insisted upon cramming her feet into her too-small-shoes for church yesterday. I had to remind Troy that sometimes in a girl's life it's Fashion over Function. She is a skilled climber...much better than her brother. She's potty trained. She can shake her "money maker" like nobody's business!
She still loves her dolls, and naps, and binkies. She eats everything in sight.

She's our one-of-a-kind Beanie Girl!

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heidi said...

Oh man, I love both of your kids but there is something about that little Lucy that gets me. I love her face and all her expressions, and I love that she is one independent little momma! :)