Wednesday, February 27, 2008

still waiting...

Only 4 days to go and still NO baby! I would love to say i'll keep you posted, but our computer is in the shop again and we won't have it for 7-10 more days. Great timing, huh? Just when i'll have 5 million pictures to post, I won't have my beloved computer. Oh well.

In the meantime, I am doing lunges, squats, running short sprints hoping that something will kick this little miss into action. any day now, right?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

a dog for a day

Troy and I have both agreed...NO PETS!

We don't like the idea of potty training an animal, we don't like hair on carpet or furniture, we don't like slobber or the smell of our hands after we pet a stinky animal, and basically, we just don't want the extra responsibility.

UNTIL...jack came along. We have become softies. When Jack sees a dog, the excitement in his eyes is enough to make me want to buy him a pony, giraffe, elephant...anything he wants!

The other night, a stray dog followed us into our house. It was so scrawny, malnourished and sad looking that I couldn't help but take pity on the poor thing. We allowed her in, gave her some warm milk (is that what you give a dog?), and even made a bed for her in the garage, not having the heart to put her back outside. I couldn't wait for the morning so that I could present Jack with the biggest surprise of his life.

As expected, Jack just beamed with happiness as soon as he saw our new dog. So much happiness and so much beaming that I actually thought for a second, "should we keep her?"

All morning we played with her. The joy was bursting from the walls of our home. Then, the first red flag rose. Our joyous new canine was apparently menstruating. Yes, you heard me...on her "cycle". I guess I never chose to think about female dogs having a cycle, but they do. The proof was spotted on our carpet.

So, I took the dog outside. Then things really started to crumble. Jack melted down with the loss of his new friend. He sat at the window crying. Finally, I succumbed to bringing the dog back in the house for some more milk. I didn't know it would cause more meltdowns.

Jack wanted to do WHATEVER the dog was doing. When the dog was lapping up milk from the bowl, Jack wanted to do the same. When I told him, "No...Yucky" he just burst into the most pathetic tears I've ever seen.

Finally, the peace was restored when I gave Jack his own bowl of milk. Go doggy, go.

After a day of emotions, we were back to square one. We are not fit to be parents of a dog AND a child. So I called the animal shelter and by the end of the day she was gone. It was fun while it lasted, sad when it was over, but we are more emotionally stable and not needing a carpet cleaner!

Friday, February 15, 2008

pottery barn can do it...why can't I?

If you've been to my house, you know that it is mainly decorated in tans, browns, earth tones, more tans, and more browns. why is this? I envy people who can embrace color and splash it elegantly around their house. I guess I just live in this safety bubble of brown.

well, with showtime in less than 22 days, I thought I would try to finish up the baby room. In the latest pottery barn baby magazine, I noticed apple green was a popular wall color. The thought of a bright, fun color gave me the nervous sweats at first, then I decided to go for it. Off to Home Depot I went with a mission to paint Lucy's walls apple green.

I bought all the paint, came home, slapped it up, looked at it for 9 days, and decided that this neutral-safe girl just can't do it. Sixteen times a day I walk into the nursery, stare at the walls, and leave with the color green still glowing in my eyes. Can that be soothing for a baby?

So, yesterday I ran back to Home Depot in search of a more "soothing" green. Not mint chip, not apple, not grass, not seafoam...just NEUTRAL, soothing, EARTHY green. I have to say, I feel a LOT more comfortable with the color, but am I jipping my baby of a FUN entrance into life? Am I being too conservative?

Here are some samples of 3 of the 6 colors we've tried on the walls. None of them are true to how they look in the room, so it is very hard for internet viewers to help me out on this one. Maybe just some general suggestions would be nice. Vibrant or neutral? Fun or safe?

Or just send me a decorator in the mail. please.

showered me silly.

I'm so spoiled by great friends. Wednesday night Kelly, Heidi, and others threw me a baby shower. Every last detail was thought out from the invitations right down to the berry lined cake platters! What I thought was especially thoughtful was the cooshy chair they reserved for me to plop my swollen body in for the night. Nice touch.

Hostess of the Mostess chowing down (I mean, sampling) the variety of cakes. Double chocolate cake, brownies, red velvet cake and cheesecake. Talk about decisions. That's why I had to have one of each...PLUS a to-go platter!

Hostess of the Mostess II - making sure no detail is left unnoticed. Nice concentration on the lemon seed removal.

Flowers and candles to set the mood.

Here are the guests having a rip-roarin' good time...though this picture doesn't echo my claim.

Oh's one. Nope. On second thought, these guys look pretty bored too. I promise, judging on the volume in the room, everyone did have a GREAT time!

Thanks to all who came and showered me with ridiculously nice gifts. You guys are the BEST!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I am leaving Troy for my new-found

I know many of you are already well-acquainted with this site, but I have recently taken a fond interest in it. It is basically e-bay for all things handmade. Some of my favorite searches have been for baby items, but there is so much more. One could really spend hours looking for the perfect item.

Here are three of my favorites from the night:

Jot it Down - a little shop that sells lists galore. I am a compulsive list-maker. Probably because I don't usually accomplish what's on my list, so I have to keep making more of them. Here is a list that would really suit my needs. This little shop also sells personalized pads of paper (great gifts), grocery lists, meal planners, and even an information sheet for your babysitter.

These hand-knit hats for kids. So darling. My boy has a huge noggin so it's always good to find something to top it with. I am sure my girl will be NO different.

and what? Put the brakes on. what in Sam Hill are these things? I guess somebody is taking the term "going green" to the extreme. baby lucy will NOT be adorned in these top ramen left-overs. I wonder if they come with the scent? Like, could you choose beef, shrimp, pork or chicken?

If you have a favorite etsy shop, I would love to know about it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Skinny girls, Showers, Second-hand stores, Superbowl

It was an eventful weekend.

I woke up early Saturday morning with a spring in my step, knowing that I was about to enjoy a day without a child (besides the one strapped to my belly).

I also get giddy when I have a day planned in the beautiful Orange County. You see, unless you've been there you may not know that the weather is superb, the shopping is unbeatable, and the ambiance is bar none! In our new place of habitation, a day out includes Target, Target, OR Target. Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE Target, but on occasion it is nice to frequent other establishments without having to drive 20 minutes or more.

First stop...Children's Orchard in Laguna Niguel. A second hand store. Unbeatable shopping, you ask? And I chose to go to a second hand store? YES! This is not just any second hand store. It is the hand-me-downs from the rich. I got there with an hour to browse and used every last moment...grabbing brand names from the racks at lightning speed. 100 dollars later and I managed to round up a year's wardrobe for the little bambina. Here are some of my favorites:

dresses galore...

world's softest red mary janes (retail 35 bones), gently used pink crocs

more clothes - I also scored on baby essentials like soft sleepers and onesies

HAD to have this rain jacket! She'll probably wear it once considering how NOT often it rains here.

After my whirlwind tour of the second-hand mecca, I headed off to a restaurant called Sun Dried Tomato for a baby brunch with some friends. oh my. The food was delicious! I particularly enjoyed the pine nut cinnamon rolls which are currently STILL making me drool. It was great spending time with old friends, and even greater because I didn't have Jack to feed, wrestle, or entertain. (Thanks Troy) Here we are...three skinny girls and a REALLY pregnant momma.

The rest of the day was filled with leisurely "extras" which always includes a drive to the coastline to enjoy the views of the ocean.

On Sunday, Troy mentioned wanting to have some people over for a Sabbath gathering of food, prayer, friendship, and maybe some light hooting and hollering over amazing athletics. So, he did ALL the shopping, prepared ALL of the menu, and made ALL of the food (with some help from me and Pioneer Woman).

It was a nice event that consisted mainly of the men on the couch, women involved in kitchen conversation, and a bazillion (well-behaved) children running rampant.

I tuned in for the last 10 minutes of the game, which in my opinion is the only part anybody should watch, and was surprised to find that I was genuinely interested in the sweaty finale of the Superbowl. I love an underdog victory! Go packers, I mean, Giants...whoever it was!

I think Ezra and Jack had puffed sleeves confused with protective shoulder pads. Come on boys...don't let us down.

Friday, February 1, 2008

my favorite things at the moment

nope. you won't find gucci purses or fancy products on this list. Just some things that put a smile on my face these days.

1. This kid and all his crazy antics. I love to see his little brain working as he discovers new things.

2. My clean pantry - I don't think this photo does it justice. Sometimes during the day I open the door to the pantry just to feel good about myself. The good news is that it has lasted for over 2 weeks...a record!

3. The world's best raisin bran found at WALMART! If you like raisin bran, you must try this. the flakes are light and crispy and the raisins are generously covered in sugar. Why is cereal AND pregnancy a match made in heaven?

4. My hubby - He has been SOOO helpful! He must feel sorry for his massively swollen wife. At night when he comes home he entertains jack, offers to do dishes (gasp), puts Jack to bed, picks up around the house, and gives me and hour-long back massage. Well, that last one MAY be an exaggeration.

5. Pepcid Complete. Why didn't I know about these the first time around? The texture is much smoother and less chalk-like than TUMS. The berry flavor sends my heart aflitter.

6. WinCo - Sorry Orange County...your area is MUCH too classy for an establishment like this. However, i am sad for you because this is the cheapest grocery store around. It saves me a bundle every week! The ambiance is no Whole Foods or Gelson's Market, but the array of 30+ bulk bins to dive into makes up for it! Give it a try!