Thursday, January 29, 2009

all signs are pointing to YES

Let's see.  

Last week at the gym he stripped down, ripped off his diaper and alerted the babysitting attendant that he needed to go pee-pee.

Do you think he's ready, or what?

Problem is...AM I READY?

Yesterday we burned through 7 pairs of Diego, Cars, & Spiderman "big boy" undies.

We (and when I say "we" I mean "I") cleaned up 3 bodily spills out of the carpet.

He consumed lots of pee-pee treats i.e. colored marshmallows and left-over chocolate Santas.

He snuck in a shameful hide-behind-the-plant-in-the-living-room private poop.

And seriously...will we ever be able to leave the house?

But really.  I think he is ready.

Advice is welcome.  I'm a first timer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

progress report.

Somebody call  LOCKS OF LOVE  because today we reached a milestone!


not very big ones.  in fact, they are more like sprigtails, or pony spikes.  Or mulletails (see how that rolls off the tongue), at best.

But honestly, we'll take it. 

It's the small things in life that should be celebrated!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Jack barely speaks in full sentences, yet things are still coming out at his tender age of two that need documentation.

Jackism #1 - Our JoAnn's Fabric store is so obviously designed with marketing motives in mind by someone WITHOUT children.  The checkout line resembles a disneyland line complete with ropes and switchbacks.  On both sides of the line there are shoulder high shelves lined with every candy (common and obscure) that you can imagine. 

 There is no hope for distraction.  Your kids are enveloped by temptation.  While we were in this line the other day, Jack was standing up in the cart (yes, I've been told it's a hazard) reaching over, inching towards the candy and telling me, "Mom, don't see me.  kay?"

Jackism #2 - On our way to church, we always pass by a park.  Without fail, Jack usually requests some play time.  This Sunday was no different.  

J - "I want play park!"  
us - "Not now sweetie.  We get to go to church and learn about Jesus."
J - "NO.  NOT JESUS!  I want park!"
us - "Sorry Sweetie.  We get to see your friends at nursery and learn about Jesus."
J - (the rest of the way to church in a chanting fashion) "NO.  Not Jesus, not Jesus, not Jesus....!"

Jackism #3 - Almost always before breaking a rule or getting into mischief while we are around, Jack will announce his intentions to us by saying something like, "Don't say NO me!  Kay guys? Don't say NO."  I love that he refers to us as "guys".  Everything ends in "kay guys?"

I have a feeling I will need to keep track of these the older he gets.  I just can't wait to see what's been trapped in that mind of his for a couple years!  Or can I?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

he said it's lame

Troy doesn't like it, but I do.  

My new header/banner.  Whatever they're called.  

Kinda random, but I was sick of DeGraff's Blah, Blah, Blahg.  I needed something happy and new. 

When Troy and I were first married, we'd wake up next to each other and serenade each other to that country song, Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy.  Have you ever heard it?  Can you just imagine us looking into each others' eyes, singing with our stinky morning breath?  

Okay.  It wasn't that cheesy, but close.  We just liked the words:

Good morning beautiful
How was your night
Mine was wonderful
With you by my side
And when I open my eyes
And see your sweet face
It's a good morning beautiful day

So, the title of my blog might be random to you.  Or lame to Troy.  But I like it because it reminds me of happiness.  And this year I want to focus on all the happiness in my life!  

So here's GOOD MORNING to all the beautiful days of 2009!

Friday, January 23, 2009

yes i am

do you love this?  me too.  i want one now!


Yesterday I renewed my license at the DMV.

Today I got pulled over by a cop.

And guess who didn't have their new license with them?  yep.  me.

But luckily I wasn't breaking the law.  Just a broken tail light.

Unluckily, I'm pretty sure at least 6 of my neighbors and friends saw me pulled over.  embarrassing!

And did you know that one of the routine questions asked these days is, "Do you have any firearms, bazookas, or chainsaws in the car?"  Really?  chainsaws?  bazookas?  I thought he was joking.  He didn't appreciate my chuckle.  

And did you also know that one of the best ways to get over your nervous breaking-the-law jitters is to receive THIS as a late Christmas present from one of your friends?  Nothing says relaxation like a snuggle wrap! 

 Now excuse me while I shuffle around the house in my fleecy piece of heaven!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Am I feeling alright?

What's wrong with me?  

I can't seem to find my zest for blogging.

  Did it stay on vacation after I came home?  
Has it run out of things to say?
Perhaps it wants to move on to less time-sucking tasks?
Maybe it just needs a few days off?

Bear with me while we get things figured out....

In the meantime we will be:

1.  Battling the binky war.
2.  Considering changing the diaper situation with Jack.
3.  Working on Lucy's hairgrowth for her 1-year old celebration.
4.  Getting cough and phlegm free
5.  Enjoying moments of play...together (finally)!

Monday, January 5, 2009

So hard to say goodbye...

I hate saying goodbye to the holidays.

It means I have to take down our tree that so romantically lights up our living room at night.
It means no more family to enjoy.
it means no more cousins to entertain Jack.
It means NO more excuses for hot chocolate and biscotti.
It means no more shopping in the hustle and bustle. (ok...let's be honest. who can really do that with kids anyway?)
It means no more familiar carols and festive music.
It means fewer lazy days playing with toys and lounging around in PJ's.

It means time to get down to business and back into real life.  
And this is the part I hate the most. 

Though I do enjoy setting new goals, I am mostly a YELLOW personality (if you've ever taken that test) and I just like to relax and have a good time!

But nonetheless, we did have a great holiday and appreciate the time with our families.

Little Soosy

bubs & lu
(best shot I could possibly get)

Visit with Santa
(we've got a 2-year tear free record!)

A white Christmas in Idaho!

My favorite part of the trip - Sledding in Sunshine!
Heather & me going hard core!

Christmas morning Part II in California
Whale Watching with my family
(We didn't see a single one!)

And here's to a happy and prosperous