Saturday, January 24, 2009

he said it's lame

Troy doesn't like it, but I do.  

My new header/banner.  Whatever they're called.  

Kinda random, but I was sick of DeGraff's Blah, Blah, Blahg.  I needed something happy and new. 

When Troy and I were first married, we'd wake up next to each other and serenade each other to that country song, Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy.  Have you ever heard it?  Can you just imagine us looking into each others' eyes, singing with our stinky morning breath?  

Okay.  It wasn't that cheesy, but close.  We just liked the words:

Good morning beautiful
How was your night
Mine was wonderful
With you by my side
And when I open my eyes
And see your sweet face
It's a good morning beautiful day

So, the title of my blog might be random to you.  Or lame to Troy.  But I like it because it reminds me of happiness.  And this year I want to focus on all the happiness in my life!  

So here's GOOD MORNING to all the beautiful days of 2009!


HeatherM said...

I do remember the song & thinking it was cheeses but some of the sweetest things are cheeses. I love the header because Makenzie climbs into Ady's crib & says good morning beautiful to her so it reminds me of that & makes me happy! I truely think whatever we can do to remember our blessings & be happy is lovely. Thanks for the reminder!

Kaylynn said...

I love it - and it will give me something to think about in the mornings because this morning went something like this:

"Aghh your breath is horrible"
"Yours isn't roses either"

That's 12 years of marriage for ya!

kelly said...

I think it is great...and I'll try not to imagine you and Troy with morning breath, singing to each other in bed.

I think it's very happy!

The DeGraff 7 said...

glad to see your zest for blogging is returning!! Very cute "new look" on your blog. so far i'm lovin' this year too!! let's keep the positive mojo flowing :0)

Oler Family said...

That is so cute, stinky breath and all!!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...


Obviously we did not teach you the facts of life. Your mom still wakes up with a jerk----that would be me.

Jen Giorgis said...

Tell him he's crazy!!! I think it is darling. I used to love that song. Unfortunately it reminds me of an old boyfriend. Never a good thing. Anywho...I love the header. Good job on its creation!

sheena said...

I like the new look, and I like your dad's comment! and I like that you're back!

jayniemoon said...

So good to have you back. I was laughing so hard at you in the snuggle wrap! You seriously are the best.
I like the new header! I think it's great. Plus the cheesy story made me feel a tiny bit better after recently reading my journal when Jed was on his mission...bleh!

Adrienne said...

Hi. You don't know me but I like reading your blog. I just wanted to say my hubbie used to sing this to me when we were first married too...I love that you incorporated those happy times into your blog!