Saturday, August 27, 2011


Oh how I love this little darling.
She is quirky, and I am completely enamored with her shenanigans (some of the time).

After dropping Jack off for his first day of Kindergarten, we came home, ate lunch and then went down for naps. I asked Lulu if she wanted to sleep in Jack's bed for fun. Feeling special, she quickly obliged.

For two hours following, I was under the illusion that she was sleeping soundly down in the bedroom. When I went to wake her up, this is what I found.

Her...sitting on the bed with several wardrobe changes. In fact, every last article of Jack's clothing was out of his drawers. She had been busy coming up with the best combinations and this is what she ended up with.

I can see she's like her momma.
She prefers comfort over chic. She likes elastic waistbands. And she knows that stripes and plaid totally go together!



I definitely had a laundry list of mom-type worries:

would he mind his manners
would he include and be kind to everyone on the playground
would he eat his snack, or just hurry to play
would his teacher like him
would I like his teacher (I'm picky)
would his teacher only see his wild and crazy side, or would she look deeper for his strengths
would he be too tired going to school during his regular naptime (yes, he still naps)
would he enjoy school
would he be disappointed when he finds out it's EVERY DAY
would he learn bad words

But what it all came down to was that I KNEW he was ready.
He is fearless and outgoing.
I was excited for him to have this new experience.

So off he went, with his first loose tooth dangling by a gum-thread, to his first day of

And I'm happy to report, we didn't shed a tear!


Sammy didn't even shed a tear!

Post Script:
So it's been like pulling teeth (figuratively) to get Jack to tell us about his days at school. Is it a boy thing? Do you other moms have the same problem? I came up with a deal that he has to think of three things to tell me about each day. So far I've heard NOTHING of the classroom details and EVERYTHING about the recess details. Just for the record, he loves snack, the monkey bars, planting acorns, collecting acorns, and riding bikes when it is "red group's day".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

one is silver and the other is gold

Last month I got to meet up with 2 of my 3 high school besties!

We did a little reminiscing.
I asked Holly, the most frugal, money conscious gal I know, if she still gives out post-it notes indicating the EXACT amount you owe her. I can recall being in highschool and receiving a post-it with the amount of $2.38 for an icee she loaned me money to buy.

We also enjoyed catching up on life.
Plenty to talk about with kids, jobs, husbands, three different locations, etc.

What a great reunion!
(we missed you, Marie!)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Santa Monica

I wasn't the photographer for my brother's wedding, but I did get to sneak away with this cute couple to the Santa Monica Pier right after they were officially married.

I don't think any of us were prepared for the stares and glares as we walked onto a jam-packed pier on a hot Saturday afternoon dressed in wedding clothes.

It was a uniquely fun and slightly embarrassing moment, but Tallon and Krista did GREAT!

Only bummer for me and my photography dreams was that we couldn't ride the ferris wheel because the line was too long!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Idaho - Gone HOG Wild!

It always surprises me that I grew up on a farm.
We had chickens, pigs, goats, a ram, and even a horse.

Now, the thought of being a pet owner of ANY kind almost repulses me.
We tried a beta fish and after a month I was ready to flush him myself.
Plus, aside from the stink, hair, and maintenance of pets, the truth is I like my conveniences (like Target and the grocery store) to be nearby.

However, that said, I have no problem reverting back to the country life. Or at least watching my kids enjoy it.

On our Idaho reunion, we got to visit Brooke's amazing farm and garden (not pictured).

The kids were in HOG HEAVEN!

They were also in HOG mud, and HOG drool, and probably even HOG poo!
It was really fun to watch, but I'll admit that I was editing these photos while eating and the thought of them rolling around in that mud made me gag for a moment.

Please meet the Pig Whisperer, Kylee.


Spencer wanted some pictures with the piggies, but what these pictures don't show is him shrieking like a girl. He was so scared.

When the pigs weren't looking, he quickly plopped down for a picture.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

fiesta de amor

In celebration of my brother Tallon and his fiance Krista, my parents threw a little fiesta.

We learned no fiesta is complete without mustaches and Victor's chili verde.

(Troy was out of town on business, but he sure would have looked good over there next to me!)

The happy couple. Mil besos para ti.

Juan and Lucinda

My brother Garrett + family (left)
My brother Brady + family (right)

She wins the cutest niece award!


Idaho - The Rodeo


On our first day in Idaho, we went to a small-town rodeo.

It was hot, dusty and smelled of manure just like you'd expect.
But it was unique in the fact that it was designed so that the kids could participate.

The Events:

Mutton Busting
Chase the Greased Pig
Stick Horse Races
Catch a Chicken and Take it Home
Egg Toss
Calf Dressing
3-Legged Race
Barrel Racing (for the more authentic rodeo-ers)


Singing the National Anthem

It was a bit obvious we weren't country folk.
I pulled my "cowboy" hat out of our costume box before we left.


Mariah and Lexi preparing for the Egg Toss

The Greased Pig Chase

I was really surprised that Jack held his own in this crowd of kids.

Let's talk about Mutton Busting.

When my sister-in-law called to get our kids signed up for the events, I guess I didn't ask many questions about the nature of the events. I knew the kids rode sheep for Mutton Busting, but not in my wildest dreams did I think the sheep could maneuver so quickly. So we signed Lucy and Jack up.

Turns out those fluffy animals are quite fast and agile!

When I saw the other kids ride (then get tossed off like wet noodles), I knew Lucy was going to be blindsided by what was to come.

Here she is in the starting gate.

Here she is 1.8 seconds later.

Let's just say us city folk can't take the heat. Those other country kids were tough as nails!

Depending on size, the older kids either rode a small cow or a large steer.
Here is Chloe trying her hand at Mutton Busting.

I was most impressed by Spencer's dismount. He went from this into a forward roll.
Very smooth, Spence!

Three Legged Race
Mariah & Yasmin

Calf Dressing

Where you literally chase a calf and then dress it in human clothes. Spencer sacrificed his own tee shirt for the event.

All in all, it was a great way to kick off the Family Reunion!