Saturday, August 27, 2011


Oh how I love this little darling.
She is quirky, and I am completely enamored with her shenanigans (some of the time).

After dropping Jack off for his first day of Kindergarten, we came home, ate lunch and then went down for naps. I asked Lulu if she wanted to sleep in Jack's bed for fun. Feeling special, she quickly obliged.

For two hours following, I was under the illusion that she was sleeping soundly down in the bedroom. When I went to wake her up, this is what I found.

Her...sitting on the bed with several wardrobe changes. In fact, every last article of Jack's clothing was out of his drawers. She had been busy coming up with the best combinations and this is what she ended up with.

I can see she's like her momma.
She prefers comfort over chic. She likes elastic waistbands. And she knows that stripes and plaid totally go together!



Oler Family said...

I love it! She is adorable!

The Close's Place said...

Love it!! She is such a character!! I'm glad you take pictures of these moments. They'll love this when their older.

P.S. As soon as I loose the extra 400lbs left over from my pregnancy, I need some new family pics.

forget laundry said...

my dear friend. i have been quite absent from commenting on blogs (including yours)... but have no doubts: I have loved every minute of your new posts. so SO fun. in fact- I had it pulled up for a few weeks to look at daily for inspiration. truly stunning pictures. and so many changes for you with a new baby, a fairly recent move and a kindergartener! I hope you are adjusting well and loving life. have a great week! love hill ps rose is moving close to you- today actually. bummer for me... great news for folsom dwellers :)