Saturday, August 27, 2011


I definitely had a laundry list of mom-type worries:

would he mind his manners
would he include and be kind to everyone on the playground
would he eat his snack, or just hurry to play
would his teacher like him
would I like his teacher (I'm picky)
would his teacher only see his wild and crazy side, or would she look deeper for his strengths
would he be too tired going to school during his regular naptime (yes, he still naps)
would he enjoy school
would he be disappointed when he finds out it's EVERY DAY
would he learn bad words

But what it all came down to was that I KNEW he was ready.
He is fearless and outgoing.
I was excited for him to have this new experience.

So off he went, with his first loose tooth dangling by a gum-thread, to his first day of

And I'm happy to report, we didn't shed a tear!


Sammy didn't even shed a tear!

Post Script:
So it's been like pulling teeth (figuratively) to get Jack to tell us about his days at school. Is it a boy thing? Do you other moms have the same problem? I came up with a deal that he has to think of three things to tell me about each day. So far I've heard NOTHING of the classroom details and EVERYTHING about the recess details. Just for the record, he loves snack, the monkey bars, planting acorns, collecting acorns, and riding bikes when it is "red group's day".


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

It's absolute torture not to be a "fly on the wall" just to answer some of your questions. He looks so cute and grown-up, and ready to go explore the world of school. You can't help but love Jack.....his teacher will too.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Nope, it's not just a boy thing. Evie is the same way. If I even try to pry a little info out of her by asking questions she gets irritated and tells me she doesn't want to talk about it. Recently we've had a break through, I told her I want to hear about her day and want to know all the good stuff and the bad stuff, so the last time she got mad at me for asking questions, she promised she would tell me later and she did! I guess she isn't ready to talk about school right after school, I have to give her and hour or two to decompress. :) But, oh how it kills me to not be able to be that fly on the wall.

Britty said...

Any news that Chandler ever brought home when he was usually bad news. This boy hit me or I had to go in time out or whatever. So I've figured if he has not much to say, it's a good thing! LOL