Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Skinny girls, Showers, Second-hand stores, Superbowl

It was an eventful weekend.

I woke up early Saturday morning with a spring in my step, knowing that I was about to enjoy a day without a child (besides the one strapped to my belly).

I also get giddy when I have a day planned in the beautiful Orange County. You see, unless you've been there you may not know that the weather is superb, the shopping is unbeatable, and the ambiance is bar none! In our new place of habitation, a day out includes Target, Target, OR Target. Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE Target, but on occasion it is nice to frequent other establishments without having to drive 20 minutes or more.

First stop...Children's Orchard in Laguna Niguel. A second hand store. Unbeatable shopping, you ask? And I chose to go to a second hand store? YES! This is not just any second hand store. It is the hand-me-downs from the rich. I got there with an hour to browse and used every last moment...grabbing brand names from the racks at lightning speed. 100 dollars later and I managed to round up a year's wardrobe for the little bambina. Here are some of my favorites:

dresses galore...

world's softest red mary janes (retail 35 bones), gently used pink crocs

more clothes - I also scored on baby essentials like soft sleepers and onesies

HAD to have this rain jacket! She'll probably wear it once considering how NOT often it rains here.

After my whirlwind tour of the second-hand mecca, I headed off to a restaurant called Sun Dried Tomato for a baby brunch with some friends. oh my. The food was delicious! I particularly enjoyed the pine nut cinnamon rolls which are currently STILL making me drool. It was great spending time with old friends, and even greater because I didn't have Jack to feed, wrestle, or entertain. (Thanks Troy) Here we are...three skinny girls and a REALLY pregnant momma.

The rest of the day was filled with leisurely "extras" which always includes a drive to the coastline to enjoy the views of the ocean.

On Sunday, Troy mentioned wanting to have some people over for a Sabbath gathering of food, prayer, friendship, and maybe some light hooting and hollering over amazing athletics. So, he did ALL the shopping, prepared ALL of the menu, and made ALL of the food (with some help from me and Pioneer Woman).

It was a nice event that consisted mainly of the men on the couch, women involved in kitchen conversation, and a bazillion (well-behaved) children running rampant.

I tuned in for the last 10 minutes of the game, which in my opinion is the only part anybody should watch, and was surprised to find that I was genuinely interested in the sweaty finale of the Superbowl. I love an underdog victory! Go packers, I mean, Giants...whoever it was!

I think Ezra and Jack had puffed sleeves confused with protective shoulder pads. Come on boys...don't let us down.


merideth said...

it is so funny when you are nine months pregnant that everyone who is not pregnant looks so skinny and good. you just stare at their waistline in awe.
you are looking good and i am sure you are ready for that baby to come out.
love the pic of jack and ezra...luke would fit right in.

Ben and Shara said...

That food looks fantastic. When are you hosting your next party? Is that girl to the left of you from the brunch Adrianne? It looks like her but I thought she had blonde hair.

Live it up these next 4 weeks.


Heidi said...

good buys, good times and good food.

Lucy will be here soon and Jack's dress will have to be given up.

ali degraff said...

shara - adrienne went dark and loves it!

Amy said...

What a fun weekend. Do you guys cater for parties. Your work looks professional. Looks like you really did get some great loot at the orchard! Can't wait to see her in them.

Lindi said...

Oh my, I LOVE seeing Ezra & Jack in the most girly girl dresses. SO funny. You look great with only 4 more weeks to go. YIPEE, and maybe she will come early!! My Lucy didn't & I believe Sheena's didn't either, but maybe yours will bless you and make a suprise visit. Can't wait to see her!! Enjoy your little one until then. He won't even know you next month!! Love ya,

Heather Menlove said...

what a fun weekend! you got some great stuff for lucy!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy-Kelly's Mom

That picture of Jack and Ezra would have made me laugh even harder if they both would have had magic wands in their hands. That will be a good blackmail picture when they are friends in their teens.


Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Wow! I am amazed Troy and Ryan let their boys dress up. William would rather have Hank run around in the nude than put on a dress. He cringed the other day when I told him Hank was playing dollhouse with Kate. When he's out of town Hank has been know to play a little dress-up. I guess what William doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

I LOVE the Children's Orchard too!

I LOVE Pioneer Women sooo much!

I LOVE girls dates with food and no kiddos in tow!

I LOVE you! and I can't wait for us to have our babies. I'm super excited!

ali degraff said...

oh marie. the dress up was all fun and games until Jack started daintily holding up the skirt and spinning around with glee. We got a little worried. Then, the next day he brought me the dress and signed "help"....meaning...put this on me. that's about enough femininity for our little son.

UreFam said...

Oh, I miss you guys so much, love the pictures of all of you...my friends...sniff sniff. I am also just a little jealous that at least you are within driving distance of the beautiful OC. You're in the homestretch now momma!

Adrienne said...

What a great post! That picture of us turned out really cute! That's funny that Shara picked me out.

Good grief on that super bowl party! That looks like some serious chaos going on there! It must have been good times though because you could tell by how rosy and flushed Jack's cheeks were--a sign of activity!

That was such a fun brunch, even if those delicious cinnamon rolls gave Toni and I 3rd degree burns on the roof of our mouths!! Small sacrifice for all that deliciousness, if you ask me!

Dad said...

It is funny looking at the pictures and seeing just how chaotic it was. Like a true man, I don't even remember kids being in the room...I do remember how great the game and food were.


California Roney's said...

Looks like you had a good time. Girls time out is always the best. Also, way to go on the shopping. Those are some good finds.

That superbowl party looked a lot like ours. That is awesome. And all those kids, WOW, you must have had some serious clean up!

The dresses on the boys are awesome. Love it. Someday you are going to be able to bribe Jack with those. I can see the wedding DVD now!

Jen Giorgis said...

Hey there...I am Mark & Renae Cohns daughter. My mom gave me your blog address and I have found myself looking forward to reading it on a regular basis. (I really hope that doesn't freak you out). I have wanted to comment several times before, but was afraid that you would think "who the heck is this person?"....That being said,one again please don't get freaked out, but your blog finally got me to start one. I love this whole blogging world to be able to keep up with friends. Thanks so much for all the work you put into it and for being willing to share a bit of your lives with everyone. I truly think that you are an amazing person.
P.S. My son loves the whole girl dress up stuff too & my husband cringes. Little boys are just too cute.

ali degraff said...

Jen...how could I be freaked out by anyone related to the Cohns? stop by any time. we will have to check your blog out!

Amy said...

Your hair looks really good in that picture, by the way! I love the bargains that you found in the OC!