Monday, June 28, 2010

beach love

When Troy and I were first married, we had a choice to move to Northern California or Southern California after college. We chose Southern California to experience a bit of an adventure.

We started out in Aliso Viejo, CA. Every Monday night we'd get together with friends and head down to the beach. Main Beach in Laguna. Each would pitch in some snacks and come ready with boogie boards and bocce ball. It was bliss!

A couple years later, we moved to Dana Point, CA. We rented an apartment from my Grandpa. It was a 1/2 mile from Doheney State Beach. We'd walk there in the evenings and paddle out together on our surfboards and play until the sun went down. I'm positive there's no cooler feeling that being in the water at sunset.

Now we have kids and love to share the beach experience with them. Though we are an hour away, each drive feels so worth it. I now love to share with them things I remember from my childhood.

It's pretty routine that Troy digs a huge hole and fills it with water. I am the designated sand crab scavenger. (have you ever seen a sand crab?) Lately, the kids are loving being pulled on the boogie board and whipped around in every direction. Mostly I just love how we can go for 5 hours and be completely entertained the entire time!

I am trying to soak in every moment we have here!


Norma said...

looks like the perfect beach day to me!

jayniemoon said...

You foxy little lady! That picture of you is so cute. The pictures of the kids are so great. I'm totally jealous of the beach stuff. So glad you updated! I've missed you!

Fawn said...

so cute! love it!! and it is time for a visit??!?!?!? xo

California Roney's said...

Next time you go to the beach let me know, we would love to meet up with you! We miss you guys.

Tarah said...

SOOOO darling! I need to make an appointment with you for family pic's Do you come up this way??

Ben and Shara said...

Ali, what the heck? I think I've given you long enough. You haven't blogged in over 3 months. Have you moved locations? what is going on with you and the family? I know you are busy but would you mind gracing your "fans" with a blog or two?

missing you. . . s