Tuesday, April 5, 2011

date night

Jack and Dad went on a scooter date.
Rumor has it that the date ended in scooter rides down the boat launch into the lake.

My date with Lucy ended with a McDonald's strawberry shake.
Much better refreshment, in my opinion, than riding into an icy cold lake!

We also enjoyed a trail hike and spring wildflower collection. I loved Lucy's choice of headwear. She found this hat out of the baby boy clothes we've been sorting, and insisted on wearing it.

She caught a grasshopper and climbed a few trees.
It was a good date, indeed.







jayniemoon said...

Man, California is always bragging with it's sunshine and beautiful people! That Lucy looks just gorgeous in that sunshine!

Amy said...

She's so cute, like always! Good luck in the next few weeks. Hope everything goes well!

Blackburns said...

Wow, she is looking so grown up. What a fun mommy daughter date.