Monday, April 25, 2011

good change

I remember my feelings before having lucy.
I was through-the-moon excited to meet her, yet so sad to experience a change in our family.

For so long, Jack was all we knew.
I was worried about how a new baby would affect him.

The first night home with lucy, I snuck into his bedroom and cried as he slept.
(I'm sure pregnancy hormones were partially to blame)
I held him and tried to promise not to forget our special times together.

But the truth is, lucy didn't change our special family of three.
She just made it better.

(Jack, Lucy & Daddy - Easter Sunday - April 24th - 4 days before brother's due date)

So last night when I looked down the hall at dad and the kids reading bedtime stories, I froze that moment in time.
Just us...a family of FOUR.

But this time around, I know better than to be sad.
I am so excited for baby brother to join us.
I know he will only make it better!


Deon said...

So sweet and SOOOO TRUE being a family of 5 is CRAZY and amazing. (having two boys and a girl is GREAT)

California Roney's said...

Good luck! Im so excited for you and your family. Love this darling photo

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Oh Ali, I did the same thing (sneaking in her room and bawling my eyes out) with Evie after Maren was born. (Of course I had tons of guilt about spending so much time at the hospital and REALLY messing up our family dynamic)
Just glad to know I am not completely crazy ;)

Chelsy said...

I want this to be a facebook post so I can 'like' it! :o)

will and tiff said...

okay i am totally coming out of the stalker closet. i am a friend of heather and jesse's. i think we may have met at costa vida once...anywho for a long while now i have loved to happen upon your blog every now and then, see your beautiful pictures, read your darling stories. i hope it's okay ;)

but then you go and make me weepy. what a beautiful post, i just had to thank you for that reminder. really, thank you. and gosh what a dang cute family you have! can't wait to see little brother's pictures.

it only seems fair i let you stalk if you dare...

Ben and Shara said...

Oh goodness, is that new babe here yet? I'll be thinking about you.