Monday, May 2, 2011

living in harmony

Ever since lucy and jack became roommates, I've been perplexed as to how to make a co-ed room for the two of them.

Their room was a mish-mosh of furniture.

Jack's old red dresser.
New bunkbeds that were up, then down, then up, then down.
(bunkbeds are just a pain, aren't they? Especially when your kids decide to revert back to peeing the bed nightly.)
Horrible toy storage.
Unorganized joint closet.

You get the picture.

Then right before Sam came, my mom took the kids one day and I decided to tackle the mess.
I saw some simple striped sheets at Target and a cheap comforter to match. Perfect.
Then we moved some existing furniture around and found that it fit in the room like a glove.
Then we organized and (lightly) accessorized and....


The result is a room that I actually like to be in.

And I don't have to make beds.
And I don't have to swear every time I get up on the top bunk to change a sheet.

Lucy's Side of the Room


Left - Free printable from HERE
Right - My copycat imitation of THIS girl's work

Jack's Side of the Room

Story-time Corner

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Amy said...

Everything you do always looks so simple and clean. Love their room. Fin wants me to order 4 of the books she saw in your reading nook from her next book order. We start coveting at an early age around here.