Monday, May 25, 2009

a mellow soul

I love these pictures of lucy. To me, they really illustrate the kind of gal she is. 

easy going. 
content to be alone. 

(with an occasional growl here and there)

Thanks Ryan S. for capturing these moments!

These were all taken while 5 other wild kids ran free. Lucy just sat in the wheat and watched.


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Is this trick photography? This can't be a Sessions...mellow pensive and calm. Where is the spunk, random-ness, and excitement that can only be captured with a video camera. Great shots but definitely a case of mistaken identity. Gotta go, I think there is a bird outside.

kelly said...

love this girl!!!
(not to mention her red cons...)

merideth said...

she is beautiful!

Marie said...

Absolutely adorable...she is.

sheena said...

she is just so cute! love her shoes!!

Have you ever been to (switch the "p" and "s" in "spot")

it's really funny because its not your blog.

jayniemoon said...

Lucy is so pretty Al. And I love your photos on the post before.

And Sheena, I just did went to that site--dang funny.