Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lots to see when LaWanna comes to town...

Yesterday we went on a little excursion with Troy's mom that started out in the fashion district of LA. What an experience! It is not as glamorous as it sounds...most of the stuff there is JUNK. Although, every once in awhile you can find some real gems. (Not that I know, since I am fashionably challenged) We managed to pick up some sweet retro addidas kicks for Jack, some beaded necklaces for the Young Women, and those super huge plastic beach bags.

There were lots of shoe shops filled with ugly shoes. BUT...if you ever need fabric, it is worth the trip to the neighboring fabric district! I will go back with a project in mind.

We enjoyed sitting on the beach in Malibu watching the surfers. Troy wanted to check out this longboarding spot with a great right wave. It WAS great, too! We will have to go back sometime to ride it! I was hoping to run into Jennifer Aniston or someone famous, but no such luck. Here is Jack with his Grandma LaWanna.

We topped off the night at the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. After eating at CPK, we walked the promenade watching all the street performers along the way. The break dancers were amazing!

When we finally walked in the door at 11 p.m., Jack threw up all over the front porch. It was so sad, but he turned out to be fine. I think I fed him too many limes at dinner time. (his 'sour' face was too hard to resist)


Heidi said...

what a fun day. great pics too, i especially love the one of the shoes. i actually have a pair just like that. are you saying they are ugly?? i'll join you when you go back to l.a. with a project in mind too.

Adrienne said...

cute photos ali...the lime/vomiting story was hilarious...welcome to my world!

So you won't believe it but I signed up to run a half marathon on Labor Day. It starts and ends at Disneyland. It goes through Angel Stadium and around the Honda center. I think it will be so much fun! well, for running 13 miles that is! funny blog....great read. Damn you for getting me hooked!: )

Whitney Amelia said...

Man oh Man do I ever miss shopping! The only shopping we have here is Walmart and Kmart and it is over an hours drive! Oh and the dreamy. A few years ago I lived in Fremont CA so close to Santa Cruz and SanFran, shopping and beach galore.
You'll have to take a photo of those shoes you bought Jack and post them, they sound great.