Saturday, June 23, 2007

dormant no longer..

For those of you who have ever clicked on my link to "Cannons" may have noticed that their blog is more of an art form filled with fun pics, but never changing. Well folks, that is all about to change! Amy has decided to join back in on the fun. So, check it out!

(This picture was taken at Laguna Beach when Amy, Chad & Finley decided to come back to their old stomping grounds for a visit. We miss you guys!)


amy cannon said...

Thanks for the shout out... and yes Chad is not thrilled that I have decided to rejoin the blogger world because like with so many of my other hobbies my moderation button is broken. I become completely obsessed and never know when to stop.

amy cannon said...
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Katie Hadfield said...

Yahoooo we love it Amy!!!