Saturday, April 3, 2010

i love to see the temple

Last week I went to SLC, Utah for approximately 24 hours.

Every year around this time, there is a training for all the leadership in our church. Basically, the big wigs of our church train the leaders from around the world (who can get to SLC ) on how to do our job (though "job" implies money and we don't get paid) better.

So, off we went. We, as in me & the 3 awesome women I get to work with!

We drove through the night.
Talked non-stop.
Stopped in St. George for a Cafe Rio run.
Talked some more.
Attempted/pretended to conduct a presidency meeting in the car.
Scrapped that idea and kept talking.
Arrived at our awesome accomodations in Springville, UT around 1:30 am.
Continued to talk
Someone clogged a toilet. (and was super, super embarrassed.)
Awoke at 7.
Tried to unclog toilet.
Talked some more.
Drove to SLC.

I love Salt Lake! Though I was a little bitter that SLC welcomed us with a dust and wind storm.
Nonetheless, Salt Lake is a beautiful, clean city.

Of course the LDS temple is a highlight. I can't look at that temple without thinking about those who sacrificed so much to construct it. It is hard to believe by looking at the intricate details that it was built in the 1800's.

Our training meeting was wonderful beyond words. We listened (from the very front row) to the 3 amazing women who oversee all the Young Women ages 12-18 for our worldwide church. They are so inspired. Their love and concern for these young women everywhere is almost tangible. It was an honor to be in their presence. I learned so much, but mostly about myself and how I want to become a better, more virtuous, kind person.

This is us after many, many attempts at getting a picture. We all look amazing!

Here was another attempt. From left to right: Paige, Janna, Shelley aka hairball, Ali - huge face
The wind was blowing SOOO hard. Good thing Paige is pregnant, because one pound skinnier and she would have certainly blown away.

The best part of this trip was getting to know these women better. We left CA as acquaintances and came home as friends.

I am already planning for roadtrip 2011!


collette crew said...

glad to know you were close for a moment :) and hopefully you just had wind and not snow- my heavens! today we have snow. are you sitting poolside and wearing shorts? lucky you. have I told you yet? I love the videos you've done- they are so great. that project has been looming over me- nice work.

Wendy Ferguson said...

So glad you got to go!
Gotta love road trips with the ladies!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

What lovely looking ladies. Of course YOU fit right in. What a great opportunity!!! Glad you all had a great time. What a great way to get to know each other.....nothing like a clogged toilet to bond. Whether toilet or temple-you sound like a bonded group. The test will be this next weekend during your stake youth conference.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

I didn't realize Paige was in your presidency. She's my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (so were practically related, right? No? Oh darn.)

bBchronicles said...

HOW FUN IS THAT!!! You guys are so brave to make the trip in such a short time!!! Love the photos! Burrrrr, looks so cold/windy - looks like Rexburg!

Marie said...

So lucky Ali! I need your bestest knowledge you learned on your quick trip. Glad you were safe,uplifted and not blown away. :)

jayniemoon said...

I'm just so jealous to see you in my turf with other people. Next time...

Cindy said...

Hi Ali--Berta's cousin here. So good to see PAIGE in your pictures! I was in the Stk. YW presidency when she was a YW! My son Josh and she were good friends and took her to her senior prom! I'm going to assume from her calling and your pictures that she is doing much better health wise, and would you let her know that we are THRILLED that she is having a new baby!!! When my hubby was in the stk.presidency, he made many a visit to her parents home during some of the worst parts of their illness. We are just sitting here looking at your post with our hearts so full to see her so happy and healthy! And btw: she will be amazingly awesome in her calling!

Sara Decker said...

Oh my is Paige? Does she live by you? Tell her I say hello!

Sara Jane said...

Loved reading that! What a great trip.

cally said...