Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm going to sit here, look at this picture and try to pretend like today never happened.'s so peaceful & serene.

Absolutely nothing like our day.

(sammy - 2 weeks)

From start to finish, there was a lot (A LOT) of crying.

You know the kind that makes your intestines twist?
The kind that elevates your stress from a 1 to 3000 in seconds?

Then, there were two other culprits in the equation.

Lately, they seem to find joy in doing the exact opposite of what I ask.
Or joy in doing something they KNOW will tick me off.
(and together they are a good team with plenty of time to attack their strategy)

Like when I woke up to trail mix purposely thrown all around the house. I'm sure I'll be finding nuts, raisins, and M&M's hidden in the carpet well into next year.

Or like when I was breastfeeding and heard them playing so nicely in their room. Only to discover they were pouring cups of water into our fun, battery operated ball popper game.

Or when taking a bath they decided to dump an entire bottle of shampoo into the tub, making towering bubbles that were overflowing!

So where was I this entire time, you ask?
Tending to that crying baby, of course.
And the pooping baby.
And the very HUNGRY baby.

Now don't get me wrong.
I love my baby. And I love Jack and Lucy!

But today just wasn't the best.
Tomorrow will be, right?

(I'm going to spare the details of how also on this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day I decided that getting out of the house and going to the mall to find post-pregnacy jeans would somehow be a good solution to our at-home madness. The mall is never a good idea. Never.)


Jenn said...

I know exactly what you mean. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Sometimes I found that music, a nap, and a "come what may" attitude helped me on those days.

forget laundry said...

misery. those days are the pits. i hope you ate every treat in the house after they went to sleep. that always makes me feel better.

Jen Giorgis said...

Ohhhh what a bummer of a sorry. I wish I could just come and snuggle that baby for you. He looks so yummy!!! But I know how frustrating a crying babe can be as well. Hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!

Courtney said...

this post makes me feel better. your kids seem all too perfect in an orderly, scheduled, well-functioning home with really good photography on the walls and cute, stylish pillows (which i can never seem to find. I still have a couple months to go before I can blame all the soap dumped in the bath with (count it)13 bars of dad's soap thrown in for extra cleanliness, on tending to the baby. as of right now, my apparent lack of parenting skills is all I got.

ali said...

oh boy are WAY off. unfortunately we have more of these crazy days than those perfect ones you described.

Somehow my blog has become the place for me to post my happier moments of momhood - probably so I can celebrate those "moments" amidst the MAYHEM!

Sara said...

oh man! Those days are far more normal that abnormal over here. Getting use to being out numbered isn't fun. You're kids are so so cute though Ali, and you are such a good mom. you'll come out on top!

Marie said...
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Marie said...

What a beautiful baby boy!

I have often come out of my bedroom to find cereal thrown all over the floor. My saving grace is we have hardwood floors and we own a vacuum.

I read that a baby's crying peaks around 6 weeks of age. That gave me hope on those extra crying days. Sometime it feels like all I do is hold Elsie and tell the kiddos no. This is why movies is so very tempting. I try to remember that a new normal is just around the corner. Mothering is tough work, but so worth it. I love you!

Britty said...

Yeah, kids suck. Wait, I mean I love my kids all the time!!! Especially when they throw mini chocolate chips all over the carpet that have to be picked up by hand because the vacuum will either smear them or melt them. The other day when my kids were being particularly evil I decided to read poetry. After about 20 minutes Rowan actually stopped crying and started listening. Believe it or not I felt better. I was like, look one of is going to enjoy this! LOL