Friday, March 2, 2012


Twelve in 2/12 for Jack and Lucy.

1. 100th day of school
2. pizza night (notice pizza "man" drawing)
3. bike rides
4. winter POLAR swims
5. kisses through the window
6. playdate with 3 Jacks
7. lucy sending Jack off to school
8. bathtime (Jack is the lifeguard for Sam, he thinks)
9. He requested this picture with his works of art
10. Class mascot tied around his waist for a bikeride
11. Picking "honeysuckers" from the yard
12. Valentines class party

1. Making Valentines garland for the mantle.
2. pink tassel bike ride
3. Night time hot tub swim
4. Carousel at the Mall (I accidentally bought 20 dollars in tokens)
5. A new hairdo
6. stripped down immediately after church
7. Lucy LOVES reading
8. Our friends sent us hair-bows and Lucy thought it a good idea to wear them ALL at once.
9. ballet preparations
10. These two stood for 30 minutes ZONED in at the tv....NAKED
11. Mid-day nap, then pee on the carpet
12. Making gumball necklaces for 6 sweet valentines


Webster Family said...

why is it that even your instagrams look better than my fancy camera shots. looks like life is fun. i have some yard work i think jack & xander could do to wear them out...when is he available?

Amy said...

You have to blow some of these up #4 of Jack looks like a piece of art work already!

jayniemoon said...

fantastic shots and beautiful kids. Ridiculous that I don't know them! I love the naked zoned one. I bet you have one of those with you and Troy too. Post that one tomorrow.

Oler Family said...

what a cute idea. I love the car mirror picture!

likeschocolate said...

love how you were able to capture the kiss in the reflection of the car mirror.