Friday, March 23, 2012

Baking Party for Lu Lu

Lucy is officially FOUR!

To bring in her 4th with a bang, we had a


with her group of preschool friends.
(100% inspired by One Charming Party)

There were going to be a couple more invitees, but a few days before the party Jack sheepishly mentioned that he wanted to be more than just the "big helper" at the party. He wanted to wear the frilly apron and bakers hat too. It was so cute to hear him ask. Of course he wanted in on all the fun, even at the price of wearing a ruffly apron.

At the start of the party, the girls (and Jack) played with playdough at the table. Then a few at a time would go and make the giant flower for their hat, using coffee filters and cupcake wrappers. I loved the color combinations they all chose. Each one was totally unique.

Then the kids made fruit skewers. I had soooooo much fruit and the girls gobbled up every last piece!

My mom read them a story while Lisa and I set up the cakes for decorating. Each child got their own triple layer cake to embellish with piped frosting and M&M's. I saw a lot of finger-licking going on! I think that's a good sign.

It was quite literally a SWEET party for a SWEET little girl
(who happens to look sooooo old in all these pictures!)

**note** my camera's ISO was set to shady for part of the party, so some of the photos were way too warm (yellow). I salvaged what I could.

The Whole Group

(bella, nora, ella, jack, LUCY, annie, grace, paisley)

Flower Making Station w/ Grammy Gwen


Fancy Nancy Storytime

Even though this boy was wearing ruffles and flowers, he still had to be the one in charge of the fire. He lit Lucy's birthday candles like a big boy. You can see that Lucy looks a little unsure about her brother with a lighter in hand.

This is my favorite picture of the whole party. I love how Sammy is peeking up over the table's edge!

I LOVE this girl and I am so proud to be her mom.

Take Home Favors
Playdough and Rolling Pin

A HUGE thank you to my mom and our adopted Aunt Lisa who came to help. There would not be ONE single picture of the party without them! I would have been running around like a crazy lady.


Melissa said...

What a darling party for such a cute girl! It's fun to see our Grace there too;)

Bianca said...

she does look like she grew up a little too much! such a fun party!

Webster Family said...

what a fun idea and carried out so well! good job Ali.

Sara said...

love that party idea. The aprons are adorable! Lucy looks so grown up. Time flying. Happy birthday Lucy.

merideth said...

you are the most fun mom. my taylor would just love this party so much. too bad her birthday is in february. maybe next year. ;)
i love the giveaway. so cute!!

LaWanna DeGraff said...

Ali you out did yourself yet again. You are such an awesome mom. My grandchildren and son are so lucky to have you and I'm grateful to be along for the sweet ride.
Lucy what a fun part, you look so adorable and Jack and Sam looked like they enjoyed the party too. Wish I could have been there.

Grandma loves everybody.

likeschocolate said...

This is a super cute idea! I am going to totally use this idea when my little gets big enough. Super cute!