Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elephant in the Room

There is an

I hate to bring it up, but I just can't seem to shake it. He is following me everywhere I go these days!

I almost can't even say it out loud, so I will whisper it.

We are almost, pretty sure, that we kinda most definitely are going to probably want a #4 baby sometime in the future.


Now the problem is WHEN?

When exactly am I going to want to commit myself (and my ENTIRE family) to 16 weeks of brutal punishment?

When will it be the best time for Troy to take over all meal cooking, grocery shopping, bedtimes, sports practices, while I am hunched over the toilet bowl barfing my brains out?

How on earth will Sammy be cared for? He is still a baby, but I want to do this sooner rather than later. No use putting off the inevitable.

When am I going to want to have these "Mrs. Doubtfire" legs back? Summer? NO!

When do I want to wear compression stockings in the latter half of pregnancy? Summer? NO!

When do I want to sign up for more of these awesome things:

(They are really not THAT bad. They are actually WORSE in person! Poor me, poor me, poor me. HA!)

Is it best to have a new baby in the summer when everyone is home and wanting to be entertained, or in the spring or winter when kids are at school?

So many questions. It is definitely time to hit my knees in prayer and figure this all out. I am going to need divine intervention to get me through another pregnancy, that is for sure!

So, there you have it. This pesky ELEPHANT is exposed. Now what?


ashleyboice said...

I feel your pain, it is so hard to decide to get sick. So exciting though. Your poor legs too.

I'll tell you though that fourth one's a doozy.

Leanne said...

I love your honesty... If you know you want another baby... then go for it! Get that "fun" pregancy started and over with. The sooner the better!

HeatherM said...

your poor legs, poor you, it has to hurt! My vote will always be a winter baby because you can had the extra weight for a little in winter clothes. Than you also have an excuse to stay home for a while don't want the baby to get sick. But having kids in school makes that harder. I've never had a spring baby so I am not help there. Only had summer or winter. Whatever happens it will all work out.

HeatherM said...

oops! I mean HIDE the extra weight not had!

Webster Family said...

i vote for having a baby just before the kids go back to school. that way it's ok if you go into labor during the day-you don't have to worry about the kids being gone. but then after a week or two, they'll be gone to give you some rest. :) and you have to stay in the neighborhood so that I can help you a TON b/c i'll no longer have a baby!!!!!

forget laundry said...

Oh Ali- our poor bodies... There's only one possible thing that can make all the barfing, swelling, crying, and fatness worth it. I obviously chose middle of the summer baby- but yes! What's best? You can't go wrong- definite perks to both. I wish you luck my darling friend... You will survive and have another perfect baby to show for it :)

Oler Family said...

Go for it girl! I've had 3 spring babies and 1 fall baby. i liked having a baby when the kids go back to school. Late Sept would be the BEST!! I like having the summer free to do fun things with the other kids. Big Decision. Good Luck! xo

The McLaws Clan said...

Congrats, Ali. I am really excited for you. I feel your pain on the sickness. I had nausea until 20 weeks with both kids. I will pray it ends soon. Just know that you are not pregnant alone. There are two babies coming in my family at the end of July. Love you. Kim

Sara said...

Every pregnancy was rough like that for me too. I understand your dilemma! Our bodies are never really the same after are they? I feel for you. But it's so exciting to complete your family and when you are done it will feel amazing! I loved having my last one in February. it was the end of winter and spring was a healthy time to get out when i was ready. kids were in school and all the holidays were nice and far away! haha. Good luck. xoxo

likeschocolate said...

I am so sorry you have to go through this. Can they do anything to help you veins before hand? I know it hurts. My veins hurt so bad in my right leg. My feet were so swollen. Thankfully, since I am no longer pregnant they don't seem to bother me that much.