Friday, February 3, 2012

Sand, Sea, Fire

What better way to put the cherry on top of a great vacation, than by spending a few days at the beach?

If there is one thing we really miss about So. Cal (besides some wonderful friends) it would definitely be long, sunny, sandy days at the beach!

Jack tried surfing for the first time on this trip. We're not talking a few practice runs in the foam or whitewash. We're talking straight out into the big boy waves (probably not more than 4 ft.). It was so fun to see Troy paddling out with Jack at the front of the board. It only took one good ride for Jack to be hooked. They even had a good crash and it didn't seem to phase Jack. I'm excited to see him progress into surfing solo. I may even get out next time. I've only been out once since I've become a mom. sad.


We made a stop by Jack's Surf Shop for some board wax, and of course had to pick up some more "Jack" paraphernalia for our Jack. Lucy adopted the trucker hat for her own.

Sam was surprisingly content crawling around and smashing his face into the mesh. That old trick never gets old. With some beach rocks and some sandy pirates booty, he stayed as happy as a clam.

Troy zipping up the later-to-be-stolen wetsuit.

The surfers heading out for the first time.

Lucy expressing her happiness to be at the beach. She seriously LOVED every bit of this vacation and has begged to go back everyday since we've been home!

Jack must have pulled Lucy on the boogie board for over a 1/2 hour. Back and forth, back and forth. He treats her so well (most of the time)!

Ahhh....the beach campfires!

Weinies never taste better than when they're roasted over the fire.
And marshmallows...don't even get me started! I could eat dozens and so can my kids.

Jack needs intense monitoring while by fires. A cage would actually be a suitable way for him to view a fire. He would honestly hop inside the ring if he could. We caught him several times trying to turn over logs with a short stick, or sneaking squirts of lighter fluid. He LOVES fire and it was hard to drag him away each night!

I love this picture of Jack gathering "firewood" aka seaweed and beach trash.

We will definitely be doing this more often!

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merideth said...

such great pictures. and that looks so fun!! love that last picture the most!