Saturday, February 4, 2012

His name is not Jack anymore.

It is now Jack D.

Because in his Kindergarten class there is also:

Jack F. & Jack G.

When his classmates say his name it's almost as though it is supposed to be spelled....Jackdee.
I actually wonder if they know that his name is just JACK and not Jackdee?

He has even started referring to himself as Jackdee. The poor kid. Why did we pick a name that was embroidered on every stocking and bedroom pillowcase in the 2006 Pottery Barn catalogue?

Well, the answer to that is simply because we liked it. It is a strong name & well suited for his strong character.


Lately, I am so amazed by Jackdee. He is so grown up.

He takes the initiative to make his own snacks. (as pictured above)

While at home alone with Sam (for a few minutes while I ran Lucy to preschool up the street) he decided to go get the mail (a major NO-NO while home alone). I could just tell that the simple act of walking to the mailbox made him feel SO independent.

He does extra chores without being asked and encourages Lucy to complete hers.

He solves problems on his own whether it's searching for a tool to fix things, or developing a better system for how something is done.

His teacher reported that he is kind to everyone and loves to get a good laugh out of the class. (hmmm...who's kid could he be?)

I am just so proud of him. It is surreal to watch my kids grow up into little people, but I like the little person he's becoming.

way to be, jackdee!
(I couldn't resist a little poetry)

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HeatherM said...

If I didn't see the picture I would think Troy made that sandwich. Too cute! I was "heatherdee" forever mom even started calling me that & I hated it, glad he likes it!