Sunday, February 5, 2012

bodega bay 2011

Right before Christmas, we went to Bodega Bay for a family reunion.

My parents rent this fantastic house and we eat and play for 4 straight days.

Every year we try to fit in some family photos.
I'll be honest, it is not everyone's favorite thing to do.
Remember two years ago when we all froze our hineys off in the 35 degree weather?

Well this year was better, but not by much. Still cold. Still windy, and MORE kids to finagle.

But when all is said and done, I am always happy that we did it.
I love having these pictures of the whole crew together.


Our kids are all doing their own thing.
(but might I point out that my chest has never looked bigger! Just sayin')

The 6 Grandkids.
(with one on the way...and many more to come...not from me!)

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Amy said...

LOVE all the posts!!! Your life is so full. Who are you kidding when you say you don't make it out your front door anymore. Love you guys!