Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July

My kind of 4th of July includes:

good friends
fireworks in the street
barefoot children
water play

We spent all of June moving (BOO...yuck!), so we really wanted to do something fun for the 4th.  Our new house sits in the perfect cul-de-sac for having a party in the street.  So we called up some friends and threw together a BYOM 4th of July party.  It was PERFECT and met all the requirements for my ideal 4th of July!

I think I counted 21 kids/babies total!
IMG_3855 4july7 IMG_3853 IMG_3852

Isn't she a doll face?  



Bike derby

4july8 IMG_3889 IMG_3858 IMG_3864 

I will never get tired of seeing her buns!  It's impossible to keep those things covered!  Ba-da-BING!

IMG_3828 4july4

Lucy set up a regular Happy Nails.  She gave all her friends a patriotic manicure!

IMG_3930 4july2 IMG_3919 4july1

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