Monday, July 30, 2012

Yosemite - Meadow

There is NOTHING on this planet that compares to seeing the sun rise and experiencing the newness of morning in a beautiful place like Yosemite.  

This particular morning we were up and at em before the sun peeked it's head into the valley floor.
We snuck, and I say snuck because if you get to Curry Village before the 7am shower attendants arrive, then you can shower for free.  

Feeling clean and fresh, we decided to take a stroll through this beautiful meadow.  On our walk we saw a doe with her 2 frolicking fawns.  They were so lovely to watch.  We wished we could get closer, but since we'd already trapped squirrels and snuck showers we figured we ought to at least stay on the marked path.

So, we took some pictures and continued on.

I LOVED the meadows of Yosemite and next time I will be sure to lay in one during sun down.  

IMG_4207 IMG_4205 IMG_4223 IMG_4215 IMG_4219 IMG_4235

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