Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yosemite - Wild Raspberry Harvest

Who knew that wild raspberries grow all throughout Yosemite?

Of course, my kids who have a radar for pickable fruit, instantly discovered this hidden gem.
They begged and begged for 3 days to go and pick raspberries, so on the final day in the park we obliged.

And as it turned out, the little spot we found had beautiful light for photography so I was in heaven.

We discovered that these raspberries are best when almost purple.  The red ones were a little on the tart side.  And since we haven't died yet, I am pretty sure they are indeed raspberries and not some other look-a-like poisonous cousin.

Jack goes into a zone when he is picking berries.  It's like his "happy place".   He doesn't talk to anyone because he's too occupied with finding enough berries to fill his bucket.

Lucy on the other hand is far too lazy to do the actual work, but finds sudden energy when the bucket is full and ready for eating.  Let's just say we review the morals taught in "The Little Red Hen" often.

We LOVED having cousin, Yasmin, along for our trip.  My kids adore her and it made it fun to have one other person with us.

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