Sunday, November 6, 2011

trick or treat

Halloween 2011 Highlights:

- We attended the ward Trunk or Treat. The kids made 16 rounds around the parking lot until their buckets were FULL. Jack threw up 4 times that night.

-Troy and I made dueling chilis for the chili cook-off. Let's just say that one of us won and it might have been the same person who won last year, and she might just be a girl.

- Jack's school party went off without a hitch, but after A LOT of food/party preparations our house looked like a category 5 hurricane had blown through! We still haven't recovered.

- We bought a cute crab costume for Sammy. We purchased a 9 month costume for our 6 month old and couldn't get it over his feet! We make kids jumbo sized over here, which is weird because we're so petite!?!

- Hollie treated us to warm potato soup and homemade artisan bread on Halloween night. We chowed down then sat in the driveway handing out candy.

- We carved 2 pumpkins barely in time for the holiday. Like, right before bedtime on Halloween night.

We had a real life "Captain Jack" Pirate.


Lucy was Ariel the Mermaid.

Grandma came to visit with some great Halloween books.

Our bum cousins came begging for candy!

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