Sunday, October 23, 2011


I love Utah.

Utah for me symbolizes independence.
Even though Idaho was technically the first place I landed after leaving home for school, there is a feeling about Utah that reminds me of my most formidable experiences with becoming independent.

Utah also reminds me of love.
I fell in love many times in Utah...none more important than the LAST!
Just driving around there reminds me of the fun butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of giddiness of those college dating years.

Utah is also home to the birth of many lifelong friendships.
Going to UVSC with Jayner and Jill.
Bumming scooter rides with Sherri and Jenna.
Getting advice from Shelly, or visiting married friends like Mere.

Lots of great memories.

Last weekend I got to go back for a short visit.
It was a visit filled with lots of new emotions.
Sadness, gratitude, laughter, heartache, togetherness, and fun.

On my last day there, I took a drive with my good friend Heidi.
We visited one of my FAVORITE places on this earth....Sundance in the FALL!

We dined at the Foundry Grill and then drove through the painted mountains.
It was a majestic way to end an emotion-filled weekend.



(please don't laugh at my George Washington wig. I had a bad date with the waving iron.)


*katie said...

Ali these pictures are gorgeous! I love Utah too, and I sadly never took advantage of Sundance in the fall!!! So, so pretty :)

Amy said...

we should go to brunch this weekend. Will you come back please!...Beautiful

heidi said...

Ahh, your pictures are so good! LOVED spending time with you.

Baiamonte Family said...

Oh my goodness. SOOOO beautiful. Makes me want to NOT be living in Bakersfield...and move to UTAH! :)

Michelle said...

Wow, Utah looks so much better with your camera than it does with mine! Great pics.

Bianca said...

I love Sundance! Such beautiful pics...seeing them brought back so many fun memories for me!! And yummmm...the Foundry Grill is one of my all time favorites!