Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Idaho - On the water

In McCall, we enjoyed some great days on the water. Even though, really, the water was freezing and pretty choppy, it didn't stop some die-hards from hopping in.
(Just in case you're wondering...NO, I was not one of the die-hards. Surprised?)


The little cousins had a blast hanging out together and holding up the flag when asked. A few of these girls were braver than myself and rode the tube or the kneeboard.

It was fun watching the reactions of the tube riders. I always enjoy watching people get bounced around until I'm the one doing the bouncing.

This crash was particularly entertaining. Then the one right after this, Colton got ejected right over the back side of the tube.

You can't tell from the picture, but we were all laughing so hard because the wind caught skinny little Makenzie's life jacket and was blowing her over.

Boom Time

We had several brave beginners try their luck skiing off the boom before braving the deep water start.

Here's Mike wake boarding.

I swear boys never miss an opportunity for a little foul play.

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HeatherM said...

you got some got shots!! I of course LOVE the ones of my girls, but come on the one with Colton face planting it! Ady & Lucy's little smiles are just so cute! Those two look alike.