Monday, November 7, 2011

apple hill

I was beginning to mourn the fast disappearance of October when I realized it was the morning of the 29th and we hadn't done our usual fall outings to the pumpkin patch or apple hill.

So, we quickly got dressed at 8 am and headed up the hill to pick some apples and eat some warm donuts.

Apple hill is just as it sounds. It's up in the foothills below Tahoe where you can pick from 60+ apple orchards to tour.

We started out at Rainbow Orchards which is famous for their hot-out-of-the-grease apple cider donuts. Oh my. We each got one, then decided they were too good to stop at that so we went back for another round.

Our kids only care about picking their own apples which is fine with us because we much prefer the smaller orchards over the ones that practically have fair attractions that your kids beg you to pay for. We were a little late in the season for the yummy red apples, but with some serious searching we managed to fill a basket full.

It was a great way to start a Saturday. Click here to see last year's Apple Hill trip.



Marie said...

Gorgeous pictures once again Ali! The apple orchard photos are beautiful and when did Jack grow up? Now I want a doughnut. Mmmmm.

Diana Hulme said...

I loved your blog post about Charlie's birth then kept reading! Baby Sam looks so much like Charlie I think. I love all of your photos,'re so good at capturing life!