Friday, November 11, 2011

Put a pin in it!

For the last few months, "Let's pin it!" has been a common phrase around here.

And no, it is not a reference to my latest obsession with Pinterest.
Rather, a reference to Jack's latest obsession with bug collecting.

Everywhere we go, Jack is looking for bugs.
He finds them in our house.
He finds them in the park.
He finds them on hikes.
At school.
At church.

It is not uncommon for him to come home with a live bug in his pocket.
I keep finding my Tupperware in the yard housing a new critter.
Then they usually make their way onto the kitchen counter where they sit until "pinned".

Jack even found a black widow (yikes) on the outside of our house.
Thankfully, he knows NOT to touch them.
But dad had the bright idea of capturing it, along with her egg sac, and keeping it in the house (in some Tupperware, of course) until it died.

Well, a week went by.
Then two.
Then Three.
Then four, and that little widow was still ALIVE! Not only was she alive, but so were her new 200 baby widows...all crawling around in my tupperware! Talk about heebie jeebies! I'm doing the spider shimmy and shake dance as I type!

Once we realized these black widows were invincible AND they had just increased in number ten-fold, we decided we had no other option than to freeze them.

It worked.

So you see, it has not been easy making this bug collection. I am out of Tupperware, tired of seeing bugs in the kitchen, and ready to call the exterminator.

But Jack LOVES it and is so proud of his collection.

(He's since added a really impressive GREEN praying mantis, a grasshopper, and a bee.)



Marie said...

I love bugs too! William often asks, "Why is there a dead cicada on the kitchen counter?" Well, what was I supposed to do? I found it out on the sidewalk and I just HAD to bring it in. :) Bugs are cool. May I ask what you pin yours too? We've just been keeping them in a tupperware.

ali said...

Marie...I just bought some cheap foamcore and the thinnest pins I could find. Troy is much more meticulous than me when it comes to pinning. I'd just stick it in and call it good!