Friday, November 11, 2011

adverbial update

He's sitting up, mostly.
He's teething, probably.
He gets up on all fours, wobbily.
He is eating solids, sloppily.
He sleeps in his own crib, finally.
He's my boyfriend, definitely.
He drools and spits up, frequently.
He poops at 4 am, religiously.
He smiles, beautifully.
He's ticklish, extremely!
He grabs and touches everything, curiously.
He wants my cell phone, desperately.

He is our baby, undoubtedly!



merideth said...

love it. so cute. and that bug post... wow you are one cool momma. i would die.

Unknown said...

hello it me yasmin and hay samie is my boy friend he smiles when he sees me and he is in love with me so he is mine

JaredLauraDespain said...

Awesome man boobs on one of the pictures! Lol. He is so cute! Cute blog!!