Friday, February 4, 2011


Given my natural born height and girth, coupled with a serious lack of grace and coordination, I suppose my parents figured ballet was not at the top of the list of talents they wanted to encourage I develop.

Once I participated in a school talent show with my much smaller, more dainty friend Julie where she took me under her wing and tried to teach me some ballet skills that I'm sure had taken her years to learn.

I'm sure I felt like a bona fide sugarplum fairy, but the video tells the whole truth of matter...stiff, deliberate movements, awkward pauses, turns that looked robotic, missed steps in the choreography etc, etc.

Which is why I, too, have my reservations about Lucy's lifelong ballet career.

But holy cow! Who can resist an almost 3 year-old in this outfit? I sure as heck can't. And it's even cuter seeing her with all her girlfriends prancing around the floor. When they stretch they do fluttering butterfly wings with their legs. To learn first position, they open and close their feet like a storybook. Then they dance and jump to beautiful music for the rest of the class. So precious!

Lucy doesn't have big reactions to anything, but I can tell that she LOVES going to ballet and having her own special thing.



merideth said...

oh so cute. and that pic of you is hilarious. it is right up there with a lot of my old photos.

Kris said...

Adorable. That pic of you is pretty hot too...LOVE the hair.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Love the comparison. I think you may have had some potential if we would have started you at Lucy's age.......maybe not. She is so adorable in her little outfit. I hope to see her in action. Love, Grammy Gwen

Jayne said...

I love your picture, so so great. Lucy is darling in her get up too.

Oler Family said...

oh man...i was laughung so hard at that picture of are so funny. I love how you described yourself. Lucy is a doll that outfit is darling!

Jen Giorgis said...

Lucy looks absolutely darling...too fun!!! I have loved seeing your new posts. Keep them coming.

P.S. I need your phone number again;)