Monday, February 7, 2011


I know parents always say, "Where does the time go?"

But seriously, "WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?"

I am having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I'm already registering my oldest for KINDERGARTEN!!!

The other day in the shower I wondered to myself if I had made the most of this time as a mom? You know, there's something precious about the first 5ish years before you start sending your kids off to school. They are all yours! You get to be the one teaching, playing, shaping, and protecting. Then it's off to the big leagues where other influences start to infiltrate their lives.

I sure hope we're ready for this.
I'm really going to miss our lazy, schedule-less days of parks, play dates, impromptu vacations, pajamas til 10 and no homework!

(Jack's first day of Preschool - Sept 2010)



Oler Family said...

I'm with you...everyone always tell me to enjoy them because they grow up so's soooo true!!

Marie said...

Just're even a certified, "real" teacher! Then you'll still have him all to yourself and no homework. It's perfect. :) Hey, misery loves company. No, I'm kidding, we are loving homeschool.

bBchronicles said...

Yep, it happens THAT quick! Sad but true. Great idea: HOME SCHOOL!!!!!

Plain Jane said...

I sing that song all the time now. I can never get right with how fast my kids have grown up. I have been cherishing the picture of Tanner on his first day of kindergarten lately. It was just 14 years ago. UHG

Jayne said...

I know, it goes super fast. 1st grade is harder than kindergarten though!