Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas (cliff note edition)

Every year I try to figure out how I can extend Christmas. I am (or I think I am) a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving. This year I almost didn't. I just love to see how magical it is for the kids and by the end, we are never ready to put it all way!

Jack helping Troy put up Christmas lights.

The final product....

Sugar cookies, of course!

Annual Gingerbread House Decorating

Jack starring as Frosty the Snowman in his preschool musical.

Elf on the Shelf (Twinkles) & Christmas Advent

Treats for Santa and the Reindeer. A hand drawn picture of Santa - by Jack.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

The kids were up at 6. We had to hold them back to get our cameras ready before they plowed through the Santa Trap in the hallway. Jack was very disappointed when he didn't see light sabers right away. He tossed everything out of his stocking in about 3 seconds flat, while Lucy sat with her stocking for a 1/2 an hour examining each item. It was fun to see the differences between them this year.

Lucy loved:

-her Rapunzel dress
-new shoes
-Snow White slap bracelet from Jack (thanks Dollar Tree)
-Ladybug pillow pet
-new pj's
-cheerleading doll from Grandma LaWanna
-pink big wheel
-fingernail polish



Jack loved:

-his new lightsaber/gun combination (he would have been satisfied with JUST this much)
-red big wheel
-new pj's
-Perfection game
-Mr. Potato Head
-penguin pillow pet


Oler Family said...

you're putting me back in the christmas mood!! I love the picture of Jack as Frosty!! That is such a cute advent calendar...did you make that??

Jayne said...

What are you some kind of Martha Stewart or something?? I am totally impressed!