Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've been sick


(Jack 4.5 - requested I color him a picture to keep in bed with him while he was sick.)

Two hours before we were scheduled to leave on a week-long Disneyland/Beach vacation, our Dr. called to confirm that Lucy's sickness was indeed PNEUMONIA! We wrestled with what to do in this situation. Would responsible parents leave anyway on vacation with a very sick little girl? Probably not. However, sometimes we live on the edge of things and so we decided to pack the car with a humidifier, antibiotics, and lucy in tow hoping that in a few days we'd see marked improvement. It was a risky move, one that I doubted a few times along the way, but it turned out to be a good gamble.

We were able to spend two VERY low-key days on the beach, with lots of hotel rest during the day, and nightly visits to the hot tub. Lucy's nights were horrible with lots of coughing sessions that ended in vomit, but we made sure she got plenty of rest. By day three she had turned a big corner. Just in time for Disneyland.

When we arrived at our new hotel in Anaheim Jack exclaimed, "You've got to be kidding me" after seeing the hotel lobby decorated with a faux rockscape, streams stocked with Koi, and a mountain lion perched atop the highest rock. It was indeed a dream come true for a little boy and clearly the highlight of his trip because that is the part he continues to recount.

Disneyland was wonderful as always, though I really felt like a visiting tourist rather than a southern california rookie. As long as we still have So. Cal addresses on our license, we will continue to renew Disney passes. We managed to ride everything we wanted and more! Jack has become much more aware of his fears this year, so he opted out of a few of his old favorites that were more adventurous and fast! It was just as fun to see his reactions on Winnie the Poo as it was on the Tower of Terror.

On our last night, after the amazing new water show, we headed back to the hotel to discover that Jack had a fever. After a night of 103 temps, we decided to cut the last two days of our vacation short (which included visiting some great friends) and head home. See, we are responsible parents! Turned out he was battling a sinus and ear infection, and had a fever that lasted 5 days!

So now we're back, almost completely recovered, and ready for our next trip down south!


HeatherM said...

so that's why you've had time to blog sick kids. I am sorry to hear they have been sick.

bBchronicles said...

Get better sweetpea & family! I love that you're back blogging - I've MISSED YOU GUYS!