Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Day in Oregon...sniff, sniff

You need to know that our friends, the Cannons, will always represent a chapter in our lives.

  We were all best friends after we were newly married and starting our lives in sunny So. California.  No kids.  Careers.  Apartment living.  Free weekends.  Long beach days.  BBQ's.

We spent many nights out to dinner and a movie with these guys.  Oh the days...

We were all still working out the kinks of marriage.  We have witnessed each others' marital tiffs and squabbles.  We have celebrated each others' successes.  We have even managed to synchronize pregnancies.

It was so good to reconnect with these guys!

On our last day in Portland, we met Chad at work down in the coolest part of Portland.  Well, there are a lot of cool parts, but the Pearl District definitely ranks high on the list.  In between delicious Mexican food and an urban splashpark, we managed to fit in a family photo shoot.

I love how they turned out!

Immediately after the photo shoot and lunch, we made our way up to Multnomah Falls.  An Oregon landmark that should not be left unseen!

These pics are all out of order, but oh well.

I loved the mossy trees.

Does Jack's head look like it's falling off?

A cool bridge
the falls

That concludes the Oregon tour.   Our friends are now moving to Utah for a new job, so stay tuned for next year's travelogue in the Beehive State.


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Again, we don't know where to give the your beautiful photography skills or to a beautiful state and beautiful family. We just hope your kids remember the trip better than you do. Of course our family pics and intinery were not quite up to what Jack and Lucy expereinced. All we can say is: Where has Ore-gone?

The McLaws Clan said...

Hey, if they are moving here and you are coming to visit the Beehive state of Utah, then you better come see your favorite cousin, and his wife. just kidding. No, seriously, you better come say hi. We would love to see you guys.

merideth said...

love the photos once again.
they are such a cute family!!

jayniemoon said...

Believe me, I'll stay tuned. I hear the Beehive state is the place to be.

please come.

Rockford said...

We LOVE love love the photos you took of our family. Cant wait for our next vacation. Maybe we can take the little ones down the bunny hills at Alta next winter. Utah here we come!

Ben and Shara said...

wow ali, in such a short time you really have mastered photography. you are amazing. I love the bridge picture.

cally said...

the falls picture belongs in a magazine.

they all do.

They're so great. But I've told you that before.

Hey, did you get my last email about a dress? I know it's been forever, sorry. Let me know if you're still interested, or not, so I can get 'er done. or not.

summer said...

You are SO amazing and Amy and Chad look fantastic! CUTE CUTE Kids!

brooklyn said...

OH my gosh! I just followed Amy's link here and I'm blown away! Your photography is INCREDIBLE!!!