Friday, October 2, 2009

Heritage Apple Farms - Day 4.5 (yes, are still on the oregon topic)

If this was 5 minutes away from your house, wouldn't you go every day?

I am still BLOWN AWAY by the scenery and beauty of Oregon! 
Not to mention they have the crunchiest, juiciest apples my teeth have ever sunk in to!


merideth said...

i love that pic of jack blowing the dandelions. oregon is so beautiful. and now i want to eat an apple.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

You are the apple of my eye. Very appealing !!! You get at the core of things and very well seeded and well rounded. There are no rotten apples in our family!!! I don't blame Adam for eating the apple....or whatever it was. You are as American as Apple Pie.