Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I paid for that?

There are a lot of things I could do with $100 bucks.  

I could hire a housekeeper (much needed).
I could have a date night with my husband (always wanted).
I could buy myself 1 pinkberry yogurt every month for the next year (delish).
I could get a few pedicures for my hopeless feet (can you say snaggletoes?).

You get the picture.

If you had told me that for $100 bucks I could:

be sleepless for 32-ish hours
run 13.5 miles of a 171 mile course
smell like something ripe with 6 other people crammed in a van
lose a couple toenails
run through the Nevada desert in 90 degree heat
catch "catnaps" in places only a cat could fit
use only toilet paper-less outhouses for two full days
survive off foods with words like Goo, Electrolytes, and Power 
(oh and maybe a few dark chocolate M&M's with peanuts)...

...I would have thought you were CRAZY!

But the truth is...

The Las Vegas Ragnar Relay

was a 100 bucks well-spent!

It bought me all that AND more!

Like the company of 11 amazing people whose determination, optimism and amazing displays of athleticism were inspiring!

Like new goldenrod sweatbands that I have always wanted to sport.

Like beautiful vistas that you may not expect from the Nevada desert.

Like playtime on the redrock.

Like cheering on teammates and feeling like the cheerleader I always knew I could be. 
 Lots of spirit fingers.

Like experiencing running at all times of the day and night.  Never knew a 4 am run could be so invigorating?!?

Like dance parties in the street and trying to look as super cute and groovy as Marsha!

Like running with my old running partner again.  She really is amazing.  
Thanks "team mom".

And finally...learning some new running techniques for my next Ragnar!
This girl has skillz that pay the billz!

You guys were all amazing!

Thanks for the experience.


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

What Darling Daring Dedicated Divas. For a daughter who did not have a sister, you have really made up for it with such a great sisterhood. We are proud of you and glad you could get away from your motherhood for a weekend. Obviously you inherited your dad's athletic abilities......because your mom still has her's.

HEATHER D said...

Dang you really do look like you could fly. I off to buy a Red Bull right now. That looks like a trip. Man, let me know for next year. I will grab Whit and we will be down. So FUN! Way to go girl.

Amy said...

Awesome pictures, Ali. Although I'm horrified at my nasty toe touch attempt picture. Thanks for that one. And also, you mentioned a couple of m&m's....hmmmm....I think your definition of a couple of my definition of a couple are a little off. ;)

Marsha Lueck said...

YAY! Love your pics! I love how you play out our adventure just like we were there all over again! LOL
I love the pictures! I am cracking up! You are going to love the ones I have of you champ!(all smiles)
If I didn't have school work that takes all my time and energy at the computer... I would have edited more pics for sure. We have some great video clips.. thanks to you as well!(wink, wink)

Tenney Family said...

THANK YOU ALI!!! those pics are soooo amazing! u have to enter them i don't know how they'd choose! i was cracking up all over again! i seriously need a 12 step program because i am addicted to my team and ragnar! i love you guys!

Tenney Family said...

THANK YOU ALI!!! those pics are soooo amazing! u have to enter them i don't know how they'd choose! i was cracking up all over again! i seriously need a 12 step program because i am addicted to my team and ragnar! i love you guys!

Ben and Shara said...

wow, how fun and horrifying at the same time, really, you gave up tow nails?
Utah has a shorter version of that that we are thinking of doing next year. Called "Top of the Mountain" perhaps your team should come on up for it. check it out.

Northam Clan said...

Great job Ali! Your photo's tell the story themselves. You have an amazing talent. I wish I could run that with you!

sheena said...

i love your team!!! and so so so so jealous that you brought your camera....

It definitely was one of the best things I have ever experienced, as crazy as it was.

"places only a cat could fit"....hahah.

Katie said...

Looks like a blast!! I am so glad you had a great time. I so Love Ragnar. Your too cute what a fun group! I would love to hear more when are we going to see each other so jelous you made it to the Cannnons.

Brian Derrick said...

And meeting complete strangers in the middle of the desert! Dancing the night away with them!!

Marie said...

1. Who's the man?
2. Where was my invite?
3. Are you doing it again and can I come?

Way to go Ali! You are amazing and awesome! How did you train? I really do miss you. :)

ali said...

marsha - i hear ya. whenever you get them done is great with us! I can't wait!

Amy - a few....whole bag - same difference!

Aub - 12 steps...LOVE IT!

Brian - Your team was the best! Megaphone is a must in every vehicle!

Marie - how did I train? not well enough! hills=imawimp!

Chelsy said...

Personally knowing a few of the girls in the group, I can only imagine the hilariousness that ensued! Seeing the miles logged...I can also only imagine the pain that followed! I don't know if I could hack running that much! You girls are rock stars! Way to go!

colin and brooke thompson said...

WOW! I'm serously having a hard time looking at these! So totally awesome, but I hate knowing I missed out! My sister looks hot!

Tenney Family said...

its the photographer and camera brooke...i cn't take the credit!!!